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Apr 17, 2009 09:57 AM

Orvieto in early June

My husband and I will be spending two days (3 to 4 meals) in Orvieto in early June.

I have in my notes that I sette consoli is closed on Tuesday. However, after doing some additional research it appears that it is actually closed on Wednesday. Can someone please clarify this for me?

How soon does one need to make reservations at that time of the year in Orvieto?

Has anyone had any recent dining experiences?

Thank you in advance. This info will help narrow down the seemingly endless amount of choices. (Then I need to tackle the Rome list.)

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  1. try eating at cafe etrusca near the duamo

    1. I don't know about I Setti Consoli, but for great Umbrian food, (Not "creative cuisine") you might try one of several Slowfood picks in Orvieto:

      TRATTORIA DELL'ORSO; closed Monday and Tuesday. I have recommended this place to several people and all have been pleased with their meals, and with the genial hosts. English is spoken, by the way.

      I can't imagine you would have to book more than a day or so ahead but I was there in January so perhaps the town gets much busier in tourist season...

      1. In Orvieto, where my husband has been going as a consultant to the town for at least 25 years, our favorite trattorias are La Pergola and La Palomba and our favorite nice restaurant is Giglio d'Oro. And our favorite nice but traditional restaurant is Trattoria Etrusca, on via Maitani (there are various other places with Etrusca in their name), but it's been a while. We blacklisted the consuls some years ago for bad behavior, though the food was very good. As for how far in advance you need to reserve, I shouldn't think very far except for Saturday evenings, and if the place you want it full, there are many other good places to eat. It is a mystery why restaurants don't put their closing day on their web site, but 7 consoli doesn’t, plus the site plays loud annoying music.

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          Our one dinner in Orvieto was at La Palomba, which was lovely. If you are there on a Saturday night, reservations are a good idea, even earlier in the day.

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            I am going driving from Rome to Lucca in early May and have been picking up tips all over this board. I have decided to stop in Orvieto for lunch/Duomo/food shopping. Is La Palomba open for lunch on Mondays?

            Any tips on good food stores to stop at in Orvieto?


          2. I've dined a half dozen times at I Sette Consoli. Never with reservation.

            1. Prior to this posting, my list for Orvieto consisted of Giglio d'Oro, La Palomba, I sette Consoli, Tattoria Etrusca, Trattoria dell'Orso and La Pergola. Everybody seems to have confirmed that I'm on the right path. Thanks!

              In addition, I have La Grotta listed as a lunch possibility. However, I don't know that I've seen much about it on this board.

              Maureen - thanks for confirming that the day I sette Consoli is closed is NOT on their website (and also that the music IS annoying). My Italian language skills are less than rudimentary, however, I think I've learned enough to recognize the words for closed on Tuesday/Wednesday...or whatever day it may be.

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                from ViaMichelin it looks like I Sette Consoli has a weekly Wednesday closing, with Sunday night also in winter months. why not email them and ask to make sure.

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                  I took your advice and e-mailed them. (I really need to stop being such a wuss about the langauge barrier and just jump in there and take my chances!) Anyway...I received a very prompt response - they do indeed have a weekly Wednesday closing. In addition, they are closed on Sunday evenings.

                  Of course this completely messes with my original plan of Giglio d'Oro one night and I sette Consoli the next! Back to the drawing board...