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Apr 17, 2009 09:47 AM

Glass Hostaria in Trastevere

Any opinions of this place? I tried searching the threads but the hits are mainly on mention of 'glass' of wine. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. We had dinner there this evening. There were some very good dishes, especially the mezzelune all'amatriciana and the amuse of spalla di vitello and the breads, but the waitresses kept trying to speak English to my Italian husband (our guest was American) and were all a bit dour (an exception being the one male waiter). The organization and timing was excruciating. Franco ordered an antipasto, primo, and secondo, the guest and I just primo and secondo. After about an hour's wait arrived the antipasto and two primi, his primo with our secondi, and his secondo alone. Nobody had the strength to order dessert after that (two and a half hours after we arrived), so the whole thing was unsatisfying and smacked of amateurism despite, as I said, some very good dishes. The salsiccia di baccalà, however, was, despite a sort of nifty concept, really, really awful (as in dry and tasteless).

        It has no star on and is far from the league of those restaurants that do.

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 has not been updated yet. Glass Hostaria received its star less than a week ago:

          I'm not sure, but I think the sole waiter is one of the co-owners: she cooks, he does front of house.

        2. We ate here last week and what a disappointment - I can't even begin to tell you. This was the worst meal (outside of eating a quick slice of pizza in the Vatican) in Rome and it was the most expensive. I will give this place good reviews for their wine list which was very solid and their deserts were also very tasty but the rest was a colossal failure. I have no idea how this place received a Michelin star or such a high rating in zagats. First there is more staff then customers and they still take FOREVER to serve. Our meal was 3 hours for two people but with large gaps of time between courses. I know what good pacing is - and this was not it. It was slow painful torture. Then the food that arrived was basically inedible. We received an amuse bouche when we arrived - tuna encrusted in coffee grinds. The tuna smelled old and not fresh and tasted that way too. Then I had the steak tar tar. Flavorless, grey, and old - bleh. I ate about 2 bites. My wife that the bean soup - it just tasted (and looked like) mud. No texture, no flavor. I then had the lobster - it was an undercooked gelatinous mess. My wife had the filet - which was the only edible thing we had (but in no way justified its 30 euro price tag). All in all this was the most disappointing experience I had and regret that we had planned on this being our "special night out". The atmosphere is nice in a great neighborhood - but my advice to you is eat in any of the 100 tratorias in the area and you will be greatly rewarded for not stepping foot inside this terrible restaurant.

          I never write negative things about a place that tries hard, however, this was such a bad meal that I had to share.

          1. Use the main search box on right or use google to search chowhound, the search logic on "search this Board" is execrable

            based on the meal accounts it sounds like Michelin may turn out to have been a disaster for this tiny place