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Apr 17, 2009 09:02 AM

1st Time at Michy's

I'm going to dinner to Michy's tonight. It's my first time going, I can't believe it took me so long!

Any must haves on the menu??

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  1. This thread hasn't been updated for a while but is a great place to start ->

    What are the absolute "MUST HAVES" at Michy's to insure a GREAT dinner?

    Menu items come and go and evolve so you may not find all of the dishes described in that thread. Some of my favorites among the "usual suspects" ->
    - white gazpacho. Love it. One of my favorite dishes anywhere.
    - bibb salad w/ jalapeno ranch dressing.
    - anything involving sweetbreads.
    - truffled polenta w/ poached egg.
    - short ribs w/ potato puree.
    - pork belly w/ clams.
    - baked alaska.
    - bread pudding.

    But often the best things are the items that rotate on and off the menu and the specials. I've had great roasted marrow bones, rabbit loin, giant prawn, "not your grandmother's chicken liver" ...

    1. Last month I had a ceviche served in lime juice, it was garnished with popcorn and Corn Nuts at it was FANTASTIC though it sounds strange. It was not a special so it should still be on the menu. It was so good that next time I might get the large appetizer serving as my entree, it was very fresh and very good.

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        Odd as it sounds, popcorn and corn nuts are actually pretty typical Peruvian accompaniments for ceviche (as well as sweet potato).