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Apr 17, 2009 08:54 AM

Is that sunshine?

Where are your favorite places in Philly to sit outside and have a beer, cup of coffee, breakfast, brunch, dinner, etc...?

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  1. So I don't actually like sitting outside that much (hair + wind = annoying), but there are a few spots I do enjoy.

    Tria - because good weather and good alcohol should be constant companions

    Parc - because Rittenhouse is a lovely place to spend a mid-day lunch drinking a caraffe or 3 of wine (Some people refer Rouge right next door, but I'm a Parc girl.)

    Le Jardin - I know it's closed, but it had a cute garden when it was around. :(

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      You can eat outside at Pietro's, Reading Terminal, Paesano's, and Q-BBQ.

    2. POPE, 1601, and Cantina in South Philly are very pleasant places to sit outside for beer and dinner, if you can get into that scene.

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        Standard Tap has a great little outdoor patio which is popular. Other bars in Northern Liberties have outdoor seating - North 3rd and Abbaye.

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          a tad over-priced, but you get a great view of the Comcast "wall".

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            Table 31 has gotten less expensive since they have changed the concept there - But what's wrong with grabbing something delicious from the market downstairs (DiBruno's anyone?) and staking out one of the tables under the trees? It's lovely...but they need more tables because they are often gone by the time I can get downstairs and across the street!! Come on sunshine!!

        2. St. Stevens Green up in Fairmount. Quiet, trees,'s the perfect spot for a beer.

          1. Bar Ferdinand cause it's in a little pedestrian walking area with other restaurants. Feels like europe. Last night we went to kite and key. It was a mob scene but we still enjoyed sitting outside with all the youngins and the neighborhood pups.