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Apr 17, 2009 08:33 AM

50th birthday

My wife will have her 50th this july and i was wondering what places ppl would recommend that have private rooms.i know about judges mansion and 3 forks.any ideas will be helpful .

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  1. Cru has a great back room that you can even have them decorate with balloons, flowers, etc.

    III Forks has a private room with video capabilities and tvs so you could show home movies.

    Eddie V's Arboretum has a private room.

    Perry's also has a private room.

    Steiner Ranch steakhouse has 2 stories with private rooms w/ balconies & separate bars.

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    1. We celebrated my mother's 50th birthday this year and reserved a private room at Jeffreys. We had a lovely time and excellent service.

      I had a florist come earlier in the day to arrange flowers for the table and also had a special cake dropped off. The restaurant was completely accommodating and since it's on the smaller side, you'll get that extra bit of attention.

      1. How many people are you inviting? Jaspers at the Domain has two or three private rooms of varying sizes, I think. We ate there recently and the food was quite good, especially the venison special, which featured absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked vension. The service was a little slow, which was puzzling because the restaurant was not at all busy.

        1. We celebrated my wife's 50th birthday in a banquet room at Four Seasons. There is no charge for the room if you spend about $1,500 on food. The food was superb and the service unbelievable, including a "coordinator" to manage the wait staff. They assigned one waiter just to make sure I never reached the bottom of my glass of scotch. My wife treasures the picture of the event, taken out on the lawn of the hotel, with the lake in the background.

          1. thanks all for the ideas and I made some calls already to III forks and mansion on jusges hill and i will investigate the others mentioned.