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Apr 17, 2009 07:53 AM

Breakfast between Philly and Wilmington?

Flying into Philly early morning and then driving to Wilmington with about an hour to kill and thought we'd stop for a nice breakfast - don't need anything fancy, just good. Any recommendations not too far off Rt 95?

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  1. Get off I-95 at Concord Pike (US Rt 202 Northbound) about a mile north of 95, just north of Rt 141 intersection you will see Astra Zeneca on the left and a diner (used to be a Howard Johnsons, but it has been completely redone - no orange roof any more :-( ) called the Hollywood Grill. Pretty good food, not fancy but good. One of the busier places for the locals at dinner and lunch time!


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        Oh my God, the Hollywood Grill is absolutely awful. It is hard to imagine how diner food can be done badly, but they manage it. I have lived in Wilmington for 11 years, tried this place twice at the beginning of my tenure here, and never went back. It was very close to my former office, but in eight years of going out to lunch, no one ever made a move to go there.

        As MGZ says, it's a 20-minute drive from PHL to Wilmington and there really is nothing to stop for in between those two places. Once you hit Wilmington, you can do fancy and delicious at the Hotel DuPont's Green Room, or non-fancy at Kozy Korner, or better still, Angelo's Luncheonette at the corner of Gilpin and Scott Sts (3 minutes off I-95). That is a real local place that you will never hear about from anyone else, but it is a dive-y, diner-y gem. Breakfast and lunch only, about six booths and a counter, and I swear not a thing in there has been changed since 1955.

      2. Honestly, dude, it's like a 20 minute drive and there is nothing really noteworthy in between. Drive all the way into Wilmington and have your local counsel buy you breakfast there.

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          It is really close, so I would just eat in Philly. One of my favorite joints for bfast that I would eat at every day if I lived closer is The Dining Car & Market. They are open 24/7 so early is not a problem and everything is at least good. This place is truly special. don't forget to pick up some Apple Cake to go!


        2. On your other post someone mentioned Lucky's which is a good dineresque place. Brewhaha is also on 202 for espresso. In downtown Wilmington are Presto and Sugarfoot for light breakfast/espresso places.

          1. I replied on the Philly board, but also wanted to say here that there are plenty of great breakfast places near the 476/ 95 split. My favorite, Java Joes, is less than 5 minutes from 95 and has a large menu and great breakfast options. If you go further, near the Wilmington border on Naaman's Rd, is a new diner called Arners. It's a new branch off from the original on 13 and they bake their own items. Also tasty.

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              Thanks to all - was deciding between Java Joes and Lucky, but now with Arners in the mix, it will require some element of fate...

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                Ended up at Arners - real easy, right off of 95. Good (nice) service, decent eggs, good bacon, nondescript home-fries and WOW sticky buns - sliced in half and grilled!

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                  Thanks for the report back! I'm glad that you liked it. Their baked good are always excellent. I'm not sure if they carry the pies there, but at the Rte 13 location they are pretty impressive!

            2. An after-the-fact message in case others find this thread looking for recommendations...

              Seconding the Lucky's recommendation on 202 (good food, big menu, and amazing banana cream pie), as well as Kozy Korner in Little Italy (for really simple and cheap).

              But, the be-all end-all of breakfasts is in Philly / Norther Liberties, to my mind -- Honey's Sit & Eat. I drive from Wilmington into the city just for their pear pancakes. *Drool*! Well worth the trek -- just arrive early or be prepared to wait.