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Apr 17, 2009 07:36 AM

Atlantic/Jacksonville Beach Area - solo female

Will be spending 3 nights ALONE in the Atlantic/Jacksonville Beach Area of Florida. Looking for good food somewhere that a female alone will feel comfortable. Perhaps a place where you can sit at the bar and have a nice meal. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Lots of choices really.... Fish Company, Taco Lu, Ragtime, Ocean 60 for white tablecloth, Sun Dog Diner, Mezza Luna. Pretty much anywhere in Atlantic Beach/ Neptune Beach Town Center. I would eat at any of these places by myself comfortably. Of course I would see someone I know in 15 minutes but it is that kind of area,
    Also of note, it is the season that Shelby's coffee shop has outdoor live music in the courtyard on Friday nights. Might be worth stopping by after a bite to eat.

    1. Don't forget Fiann McCools in Jax Beach, good pub food, can sit at bar, good crowd, and pleasant staff.

      1. Just ate at the Fish Company Sunday nite and thought the menu had about everything you could want, and fairly reasonable prices (happy hour prices including a dozen oysters for 5.99 from 2-7 other days and ALL day Sunday) And it's fresh, because they have a fresh fish market adjacent. Had a tough time finding it with a talking GPS, however Mapquest correctly pegged it--it is in a small strip mall on north side of Atlantic Blvd--there is a Dunkin Donuts next to the road in front of the mall.
        Beach Road Chicken Dinners was one helluva chow place with awesome chicken (also on Atlantic) but you probably would be the only solo diner in there.