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Apr 17, 2009 07:34 AM

Tupelo in Cambridge

Tupelo is opening on April 23rd, and I'm pretty excited!
No menu posted yet that I have found, but this is what they posted on Twitter:

Concept: Comfort Food with a Southern Drawl. Gumbo, grits, daube of beef, roast chicken, biscuits. Beer & wine.
Chef: Rembs Layman - worked at Providence, Chez Henri, Pomodoro (also did winter menu), Matt Murphy's, La Morra. Mother from New Orleans.
Desserts: Renee McLeod of Petsi Pies owner, so pies. Tosci ice cream. Banana pudding, bread pudding, cobbler.

I really hope they have something with andouille.... also, a weekend brunch would make my year!

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Tonight was the first night, did anyone stop in? I won't make it in until next week!

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          It was definitely open yesterday evening, but I was running late and only checked it out from across the street.

          1. re: voodoocheese

            My wife and I went last night. They serve sweet tea, and banana pudding, so it's Southern enough for me. Definitely going for more of a cajun/creole style.

            Apps that I remember from the menu: couple of salads, fried oysters, crab salad with toast points (delicious!!!), shrimp remoulade

            entrees: beer-battered spinach crepes (my wife had these- rich, but also much lighter than one would expect), half roasted chicken with cheese grits and greens, daube of beef, fried catfish, pork chops (I had these- two perfectly done thin bone-in chops. A little too much of a flour taste on some bites but nice and peppery. Reminds me of the pork chops you get for breakfast sometimes down south. Served over delicious red beans and rice with a honey biscuit.)

            Dessert is done by the owner of Petsi Pie's. I had a banana pudding that was out of this world. The closest I've found yet to my childhood memories of banana pudding. I have to say, as good as the homemade vanilla wafers (and they were very, very good) were, I still would've rather had Nilla wafers. Call me a purist. My wife got a strawberry rhubarb cobbler. It could've been a little tarter for me, but still, very good and very true to tradition.

            Beer and wine only.

            We'll definitely be back- I saw the daube of beef and the catfish on other tables and they both looked worth coming back for.

            1. re: bobot

              Here's the full menu, from their facebook page:

              Mixed lettuces, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette. 5

              Baby Spinach and apple salad with Creole vinaigrette. 5

              Fried oysters with green tomatoes and traditional tarter sauce. 8

              Southern spiced turkey meatballs with a wedge of French bread for mopping up. 6

              Deviled Crab salad served with garlic toasts. 7

              Shrimp Remoulade with two sauces. 8


              Seafood Creole over rice. 7

              Jambalaya and Etouffee. 7


              Beer Batter Crepes: Creamed spinach filled crepes topped with smoked mozzarella, slow roasted tomatoes and shaved fennel salad. 12

              Daube of Beef: Beef braised in red wine with hominy mashed potatoes, slow cooked greens and Creole horseradish cream. 15

              Half Roasted Chicken: Bourbon-Maple BBQ chicken with cheddar grits, sweet onions and quick dressed greens. 14

              Fried Cat Fish: Crispy Cat fish with fresh green tomatoes, parsley potatoes and pickled jalapeno aioli. 14.5

              New Orleans Gumbo: Classic Southern stew of andouille sausage and
              pulled chicken. 9

              Pan Roasted Pork Chops: Served, roasted and served over Charlotte Andry’s red beans and rice. 14


              Parsley mashed potatoes. 5

              Hominy mashed potatoes. 5

              Braised Hearty Greens. 5

              Cheddar Grits. 5

              Red Beans and Rice. 5

          2. We went on Sunday night and am very happy with this addition to Inman Sq.

            We ordered:
            Pimento cheese (freebie starter) - set the mood well
            Fried Oysters - Fried just enough, Not too chewey. Portion was a little small (3) but with all the other food it was ok.
            Deviled Crab - OMG! Delicious!
            Beer battered crepes (veg) - looked like a small portion on the plate but rich and filling
            Shrimp & Grits - OMG! Ridiculously delicious! This was a special of the day and I hope it makes it on to the menu permanently!
            Collard Greens - a little soupy but not bad
            Chocolate bread pudding - This was our only dud. It's the wrong season for something this rich and heavy. And, it desperately needed a scoop of vanilla (which we asked for). I'm excited to go back and order some of the lighter/fruitier desserts though.
            Coffee - individual presses, flavorful

            Equally as satisfying as the food is the mood overall. It's comfortable, home-y, and neighborhood-y. The staff is super friendly and very attentive (but not too in your face). The prices are very reasonable as well.

            We'll definitely be back.

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            1. re: beforesunrise

              Went to Tupelo last night and had a wonderful meal. The special appetizer of fried grits was good but not out of this world and the bread basket was just all right. But I loved the fried catfish which I substituted with hominy mashed potatoes (out of this world) and pickled green tomatoes (LOVED the green tomatoes). The dessert of mixed berry pie with buttermilk ice cream was okay. I found the pie too sweet but won't hold it against them since the pies and ice cream aren't made in-house.

              The white watermelon sangria was refreshing since the place was packed and hot.

              Best of all, this place is REALLY reasonably priced - which is a rare find for decent food. Like beforesunrise, I'll definitely return there again.

            2. Saw the article get announced on Thrillist Boston. Definitely looking forward to trying the place out.