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Tupelo in Cambridge

Tupelo is opening on April 23rd, and I'm pretty excited!
No menu posted yet that I have found, but this is what they posted on Twitter:

Concept: Comfort Food with a Southern Drawl. Gumbo, grits, daube of beef, roast chicken, biscuits. Beer & wine.
Chef: Rembs Layman - worked at Providence, Chez Henri, Pomodoro (also did winter menu), Matt Murphy's, La Morra. Mother from New Orleans.
Desserts: Renee McLeod of Petsi Pies owner, so pies. Tosci ice cream. Banana pudding, bread pudding, cobbler.


I really hope they have something with andouille.... also, a weekend brunch would make my year!

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    1. Tonight was the first night, did anyone stop in? I won't make it in until next week!

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        It was definitely open yesterday evening, but I was running late and only checked it out from across the street.

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          My wife and I went last night. They serve sweet tea, and banana pudding, so it's Southern enough for me. Definitely going for more of a cajun/creole style.

          Apps that I remember from the menu: couple of salads, fried oysters, crab salad with toast points (delicious!!!), shrimp remoulade

          entrees: beer-battered spinach crepes (my wife had these- rich, but also much lighter than one would expect), half roasted chicken with cheese grits and greens, daube of beef, fried catfish, pork chops (I had these- two perfectly done thin bone-in chops. A little too much of a flour taste on some bites but nice and peppery. Reminds me of the pork chops you get for breakfast sometimes down south. Served over delicious red beans and rice with a honey biscuit.)

          Dessert is done by the owner of Petsi Pie's. I had a banana pudding that was out of this world. The closest I've found yet to my childhood memories of banana pudding. I have to say, as good as the homemade vanilla wafers (and they were very, very good) were, I still would've rather had Nilla wafers. Call me a purist. My wife got a strawberry rhubarb cobbler. It could've been a little tarter for me, but still, very good and very true to tradition.

          Beer and wine only.

          We'll definitely be back- I saw the daube of beef and the catfish on other tables and they both looked worth coming back for.

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            Here's the full menu, from their facebook page:

            Mixed lettuces, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette. 5

            Baby Spinach and apple salad with Creole vinaigrette. 5

            Fried oysters with green tomatoes and traditional tarter sauce. 8

            Southern spiced turkey meatballs with a wedge of French bread for mopping up. 6

            Deviled Crab salad served with garlic toasts. 7

            Shrimp Remoulade with two sauces. 8


            Seafood Creole over rice. 7

            Jambalaya and Etouffee. 7


            Beer Batter Crepes: Creamed spinach filled crepes topped with smoked mozzarella, slow roasted tomatoes and shaved fennel salad. 12

            Daube of Beef: Beef braised in red wine with hominy mashed potatoes, slow cooked greens and Creole horseradish cream. 15

            Half Roasted Chicken: Bourbon-Maple BBQ chicken with cheddar grits, sweet onions and quick dressed greens. 14

            Fried Cat Fish: Crispy Cat fish with fresh green tomatoes, parsley potatoes and pickled jalapeno aioli. 14.5

            New Orleans Gumbo: Classic Southern stew of andouille sausage and
            pulled chicken. 9

            Pan Roasted Pork Chops: Served, roasted and served over Charlotte Andry’s red beans and rice. 14


            Parsley mashed potatoes. 5

            Hominy mashed potatoes. 5

            Braised Hearty Greens. 5

            Cheddar Grits. 5

            Red Beans and Rice. 5

        2. We went on Sunday night and am very happy with this addition to Inman Sq.

          We ordered:
          Pimento cheese (freebie starter) - set the mood well
          Fried Oysters - Fried just enough, Not too chewey. Portion was a little small (3) but with all the other food it was ok.
          Deviled Crab - OMG! Delicious!
          Beer battered crepes (veg) - looked like a small portion on the plate but rich and filling
          Shrimp & Grits - OMG! Ridiculously delicious! This was a special of the day and I hope it makes it on to the menu permanently!
          Collard Greens - a little soupy but not bad
          Chocolate bread pudding - This was our only dud. It's the wrong season for something this rich and heavy. And, it desperately needed a scoop of vanilla (which we asked for). I'm excited to go back and order some of the lighter/fruitier desserts though.
          Coffee - individual presses, flavorful

          Equally as satisfying as the food is the mood overall. It's comfortable, home-y, and neighborhood-y. The staff is super friendly and very attentive (but not too in your face). The prices are very reasonable as well.

          We'll definitely be back.

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            Went to Tupelo last night and had a wonderful meal. The special appetizer of fried grits was good but not out of this world and the bread basket was just all right. But I loved the fried catfish which I substituted with hominy mashed potatoes (out of this world) and pickled green tomatoes (LOVED the green tomatoes). The dessert of mixed berry pie with buttermilk ice cream was okay. I found the pie too sweet but won't hold it against them since the pies and ice cream aren't made in-house.

            The white watermelon sangria was refreshing since the place was packed and hot.

            Best of all, this place is REALLY reasonably priced - which is a rare find for decent food. Like beforesunrise, I'll definitely return there again.

          2. Saw the article get announced on Thrillist Boston. Definitely looking forward to trying the place out.

            1. Fecalface went to Tupelo this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised. Good value for the money, with a super hipster atmosphere.

              Started with the crispy grits with Frank's hot sauce. These were basically fried cubes of grits, with a bottle of Frank's on the side. They had an interesting texture (like toothsome tofu) but with a creamier core. However, fecal feels like if the chef is going to put hot sauce in the name of the dish then he should dose it out instead of slapping a bottle on the table....fecal thought the hot sauce was going more integrated into the dish.

              Fecal also had the beer crepe entree with a side of rice and beans. Beans were more like chili over rice, enjoyable but not noteworthy. The crepes had a nice texture, and a fairly mild flavor, stuffed with smoked mozz and spinach. They were topped with chopped tomatoes (think more like salsa), onions and fennel. The fennel added a lot to the dish. Fecal saw the beef on another diner's table, and would try that over the crepes.

              Dessert was a pecan pie with tupelo honey ice cream from Tosci's. Pie was outstanding - rich filling, flaky crust - and the ice cream complimented it well. Other desserts fecal saw around the place looked excellent as well.

              Interesting menu overall, fecal will be returning. It's basically a cheaper and hipper Hungry Mother.

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              1. re: fecalface

                Hipper than HM? I feel a seizure coming on...

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  Fecal is talking about waiters with tattoos on their knuckles, a picture of Elvis behind the bar, hipper music playing (think Southern-influenced, not The Smiths), murals painted on the walls/ceiling, etc. It's more Deep Ellum than Hungry Mother in this regard...HM is far fancier and less casual.

              2. Is Tupelo in the old Magnolia's local?

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                1. I was just here last week and I really enjoyed it. At first I didn't get the vibe, as I think I wanted a more casual po' boy kind of place. But it grew on me with Elvis songs and multiple draft Abitas. This is a great, chill, middle of the road between fancy and casual, place.

                  Turbodog for the win.

                  1. First post!

                    Tupelo was lovely on a warm spring night. Just the right level of ambient noise, charming if somewhat sparse decor, definitely hip but very friendly. On the particular evening we went there were a good mix of couples, friends and singles at the bar.

                    Fried oysters was well-done and so was the deviled crab salad. Not out of this world but I'd definitely get it again. Daube of beef was excellent--flavorful and tender, with a side of slow-braised greens; biscuit came cold though which was a bit of a let-down. For dessert we had the rhubarb cobbler and pecan pie with honey ice cream. The rhubarb cobbler was a little anemic but the pecan pie was delicious! Good selection of beer on tap.

                    Overall, a great restaurant that's in keeping with the area's ambience. It's the kind of place I'd feel completely comfortable walking in for a relaxing meal by myself. Inexpensive, too: starter, entree and dessert + 2 drinks came out to $50.

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                      Welcome! I've been looking forward to trying this place, especially the desserts since I like Petsi pies. I wonder if Petsi made the anemic cobbler, too, or if she only does the pies.

                      1. re: pollystyrene

                        I don't think she does the pies. They have a pastry chef, and as far as I know, Renee is just an owner, she's not in the kitchen.

                        1. re: LeoLioness

                          I don't know what the precise division of labor is, but while Tupelo does have a pastry chef, Renee is involved somehow, perhaps in conception and maybe making some of the baked desserts? If you subscribe to the Petsi's and Tupelo twitter feeds you can often read her working out a new recipe and find it showing up at Tupelo the next day. This week it was key lime pie.

                          1. re: hckybg

                            I thought the pecan pie (made with brown butter) was too sweet, especially with the honey ice cream. Flavor was OK, but not great.

                            On the other hand, the food was great. I had the Daube of beef - multiple great flavors and textures, especially liked the suerkraut/collard green mixture. My wife gave rave reviews to the Gumbo.

                            In the future, will fill up on food and beer, skip dessert.

                    2. I finally made it for dinner tonight!
                      The table had:
                      Spicy turkey meatballs
                      BBQ Chicken
                      Gumbo (chicken and andouille)
                      Banana Pudding
                      Brown Butter Pecan Pie
                      Chocolate Bread Pudding

                      The gumbo stood out for me- tender chicken, smoky andouille and rice, so nice! The banana pudding was beautiful and probably the best I've ever had- and the pecan pie was really good... I have to say though, I'd rather just buy that pie from Petsi's as it would come out to much less expensive!
                      I really enjoyed my dinner, I kind of wish they served bread at the table though. I wanted extra for pretty much everything they served, but I didn't want to ask and seem like a little piggy. I would love a way to see their daily specials online- that's what would bring me back often!

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                        They do post many of their daily specials, if not all, on their twitter feed: @tupelo02139

                      2. I had a great meal there last weekend.

                        The room is reminded me a little of a French bistro--small bar, dark red wainscotting, copper-topped tables with flameless candles. Cute space; I imagine it would feel cozy in the wintertime.

                        We started with the deviled crab salad with garlic toast. The toast was three small triangles of white bread toast--for what it was, there really should have been a couple more pieces. The salad was great, though, with some heat and crunch from celery. Was it similar to a tuna sandwich on white toast? Yes. Did I mind? Nope, not when it tastes like this.

                        For entrees, I got the crispy catfish with parsley mashed potatoes and green tomatoes; my partner got the pork chop, rice and beans. I had passed on the fried oyster app thinking my "crispy" fish would be breaded/battered, but it was more blackened. That said, it was delicous. Flaky, flavorful, well-seasoned with a kicky aoli on top. The mash below was good, and the green tomatoes gave a nice flavor contrast to the the richness of the rest of the dish. My partner loved his pork chop to the point I feared he was going to pick up a stray bone and start gnawing on it

                        For dessert we split the banana pudding with meringue and a house-made vanilla wafer (which was thick and cake-like). The pudding itself was fantastic--some might find it too sweet, but I loved it, especially the chunks of banana. I could have done without the merignue, but loved the cookie at the bottom.

                        Service was great--our server was enthusiastic without being annoying and the owner went around to tables as well. Total bill for one app, two entrees, one dessert, a beer and a coke was $50 before tip. I'm excited for food that tasty and downright *comforting* for that reasonable a price. I can't wait to go back.

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                        1. re: LeoLioness

                          mmmmm sounds great.....you had me at banana pudding...:)

                          1. re: LeoLioness

                            I want this. And I fear I would be the one picking up the pork chop bone at the table. Thanks for the review ... looking forward to trying it out soon.

                          2. Finally made it to Tupelo with a party of 10 for some serious eating. You can tell that the place is new-ish because the waitstaff was great but our server was a little tentative at moments. Food was excellent. Tried variety of apps: fried oysters, grits served cubed like polenta, both excellent. Gumbo a little salty but delicious to share. My entree was a soft shell crab, which was fantastic- meaty and tender with a satisfying yet subtle crunch. With the entree comes a side of your choice from the menu, but for the price of the crab dish ($17) it would have been nice to toss in a second veggie side, since the price point for grits and mash are pretty low, no? Notably, the crab was available as a starter for $13 (which a few of my dining companions ordered) and it was plated almost identically to the entree except that it didn't have the side the entree comes with. Also tasted the crepes and the beef dish on the menu, both very nice. Sampled a few desserts, the strawberry rhubarb cobbler with ginger biscuit topping was the table favorite, tho the pecan praline pie was a close second for it's amazing, buttery richness. Overall, I envision myself coming back when I'm in the neighborhood. Relaxed, casual, good time had by all.

                            1. Went there last week on a hot night- it was really crowded and loud, but the waitstaff was attentive and the food mostly good!
                              We had the grits-cubes and mussels for apps- both were good. Be sure to share the grits, though, they fill you up!
                              For mains, I had the crepes and the man had the gumbo. Gumbo wins hands-down! It was so so so so good- this might sound sacrilegious, but it was better than any I had on my recent trip to NOLA... The crepes were good, a bit heavy, and not as exciting as the gumbo.
                              We'll be back for sure! The jambalaya of the day is calling my name... I can hear it now.

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                              1. re: josied

                                I hate to say this but I have to admit I wasn't impressed by the gumbo at all! Perhaps we were there on an off night (last Friday)... my SO thought it didn't compare at all to what he's had in NOLA... I did very much enjoy my BBQ chicken and the cheddar grits, though.

                                1. re: newyorker1

                                  I'm with you and holldoll. I thought the gumbo was very lean, about 6 thin slices of sausage, and a spoonful of rice. I make beef daube, my spouse loves it, so he ordered it. It wasn't daube, it was a piece of dried out meat. We were there on a Sat. night, 7:30PM, and they were already out of one of the 2 specials. The waiter said, "it's that good". I saw it at another table, it didn't look v. appetizing. All in all, rather disappointing. My spouse has done some eating time in NOLA, and agrees with your SO.

                                2. re: josied

                                  I dined at Tupelo on Friday night. Shared the grits cubes (good, but not a knockout) and deviled crab salad (very good, but so spicy that there wasn't much crab flavor) for apps. I had the gumbo as my main and thought it was good, but again, not a knockout. (I haven't done much eating in NOLA and must admit that I'm not sure gumbo is ever a knockout; seems more like solid comfort food to me, and this version was certainly solid.) Wife had the daube, and THAT was a homerun; really incredible flavor on the beef. We were seated at at table in the bar and it was too loud to stay for dessert (especially with Christina's a block away). Overall, was quite impressed and will return; I definitely want to eat my way through more of the menu. Portions large but manageable, and great value.

                                  1. re: garlic breath

                                    Had the limited menu for Father's day last night. Loved the watermelon sangria, had the fried oyster po'boy and hated it. 4 oysters in total, lacking flavor texture on a really bad roll. Fried chicken was ok but needed seasoning, salt, pepper anything. It was well prepared but very bland. Seafood gumbo was mostly celery and the little bit of seafood was dry. The waiter while polite he was kind of depressed and his earrings and tattoos were a turn-off. Call me old fashioned.
                                    The pies (pecan and peach/berry) were good but not great.
                                    The value was good, total bill for 5 was 92.00 but I wanted to like this place much more than I actually did.

                                3. We had our first meal at Tupelo last week, mid-week, and it was very satisfying. Started with the turkey meatballs that were served in a spicy broth with a chunk of French bread for sopping - these were tender, flavorful and delicious - we loved the delayed heat. Three large turkey meatballs, moist, savory and perfectly seasoned. Husband had the jambalaya special that was teeming with crawfish tails and andouille sausage. He ordered a double app portion for his entree and it was huge. I loved my creamed spinach filled crepes w/ smoked mozzarella, slow roasted tomatoes and shaved fennell salad. The crepes were made of a beer batter and I think were something special. The slow roasted tomatoes were very good, creole seasonings and the fennel salad added freshness and crunch. We had 2 drinks each, and our total with tip was $70 - oh we also shared a side order of grits. Creamy, cheesy - I thought they were fine. We loved Tupelo and will go back often - 1-minute drive from the office, 5-minute drive from the house - it is a local winner.

                                  1. Went for my second time on Saturday night, for a pre-Father's Day outing with my 2-year-old daughter. They were very nice to us, although I know what another poster means about one particular waiter seeming depressed. Had the daube of beef, and a side of rice and beans for the elf. We both liked the beef and the beans. I liked the "slow-cooked greens", but the elf didn't care for them. Conversely, she liked the rice and I thought (as with both the rice-related dishes I had on my first visit), that it seemed to have been undercooked, in flavorless isolation, and then added to the beans at the last moment. She spurned the mashed potatoes, and I thought they were OK.

                                    We were in wild agreement on the bread basket, though! 2 fabulous biscuits, 2 yummy pieces of moist, sweet cornbread, and three thin toasts that I barely got to taste because they went into the elf so fast. Made a decent meal into a great one.

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                                    1. re: glenn mcdonald

                                      Totally forgot about the divine bread and the tupelo honey butter! FANTASTIC!

                                    2. We also went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and liked it a lot. The little fried squares of grits, I could eat them all night. The other highlight was the strawberry rhubarb cobbler, YUM. I had the fried catfish, which was fine but didn't change my life. He had the crawfish boil thingy and realized he didn't really know how to eat crawfish. Asked the waiter, who proceeded to demonstrate by actually snarfing one down! We were a little taken aback but do not hold it against him.

                                      1. Went last night with a great crew. In a phrase, this is a Chowhound's hound type of place. The food is yum, the prices are quite low ($100 for four entrees, two oyster apps, and three rounds of Abita), and the atmopshere is decidedly honky-tonk.

                                        What's not to like?

                                        In addition to the aformenetioned fried oysters (perfect, fat, succulent oysters covered in a crispy cornmeal batter, golden-brown fried), we split the daube of beef, the catfish, the gumbo and pork n' beans.

                                        I'm hapy to reprt that all the plates were solid As, with the beef and gumbo winning the lion share of praise. The pulled pork (oven made) featured great red beans (creamy beans = perfection) and a tangy slaw. Topped with a hunk of andouille, this was a righteous dish.

                                        Sure, going to Tupelo is not the same as a trip to N.O. Then again, what is? This place simply fits a missing piece of the Boston/Cambridge foodie puzzle. Hounds now have a true southern restaurant to indulge in serious N.O. down home fare ( the fact that the chef worked at Mother's is obvious from just one bite of the pork or catfish.) Fits the budget too.

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                                        1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                                          Walked by last night and peeked in the window. I really want to try it, especially the porklet and beans. Thanks for posting.

                                            1. re: heathermb

                                              Went on Saturday evening. A nice place, with an interesting interior and very friendly and welcoming waitstaff.
                                              Thanks to other hound tips, we did go with fried cheese grits for an appetizer and they were great.
                                              My husband got the catfish and I ordered the seafood jambalaya, which was one of the specials. It had crabmeat and mussels. But I found it to be a bit lacking. It tasted like canned tomatoes heated up. And there wasn't much to it. My husband's catfish meal was very good.
                                              We shared a piece of banana cream pie that was very well done with caramel sauce and three fresh raspberries.
                                              I'm not sure this will be a regular place for us, it seemed kind of pricey for what tasted like basic food. I'm probably having difficulty with it because I've spent a considerable amount of time in New Orleans and the cuisine and I kept comparing it. Maybe if I view it as food with a Southern theme vs. authentic NO cuisine, that would be different.

                                              1. re: LynDel

                                                That's the thing, I found the food to be lacking. My DC was saying he didn't understand the theme, and decided it is vaguely Southern. I guess we did go in there thinking it was going to be more NOLA, like the Big Mamou in Springfield.

                                                1. re: CookieLee

                                                  You thought a restaurant named after a city in Mississippi was going to be New Orleans food?

                                                  1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                                                    hehe, guess not. I think the gumbo on the menu led me to believe that. Well, if that's indicative of food in Mississippi, I guess I'll pass.

                                                    1. re: CookieLee

                                                      We ended up there tonight because East Coast Grill was packed with Hell Night revelers, and it was actually a serendipitous alternative. Started with shrimp with a very nice, slightly unusual cocktail sauce. DC had the tuna loin special with a mayo-based sauce with jalapeno and plenty of other ingredients -- he was very pleasantly surprised and said it was done impeccably medium rare. I had the catfish -- nice & lightly fried on a bed of greens surrounded by a thick sauce composed of something I couldn't put my finger on or remember from the menu. Kind of like grits pureed in mashed parsnips.
                                                      I couldn't try the pickled green tomatoes on the side due to sodium issues I had neglected to mention to the server, but DC gave them 2 thumbs up.

                                                      The wine list skews low-end, which was a blessing; our bottle of shiraz was just right and at $30 made for something of a bargain night out.

                                                      We'll be back. I just wish they still had some of the crab dishes mentioned above.

                                                      1193 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA

                                                      1. re: triple creme

                                                        How did I miss this opening? Walked by the old Magnolia's space after Hell Night last night, and was amazed to see this in its place. Even better, it sounds great!

                                                        I was really sad when Magnolia's closed. It didn't get much press, but I never had a bad meal there. Hopefully Tupelo's is a worthy replacement for getting my Southern fix.

                                                        It's seems curious that is has a somewhat similar theme to Magnolia's. Is there some connection between the two other than coincidence?

                                                        1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                                                          None, just whatever is in the air on that side of Inman Square. Different owners and different chefs, but definitely give Tupelo a try--it is great!

                                        2. Had dinner here on Saturday with a party of 6- wanted to add an updated review. They do not take reservations on the weekend, so we got there about 6:45 pm and lucked into a table at 7. They only have beer and wine- fairly limited choices of both, but we were all able to find something satisfactory to drink. We shared 3 apps for the table- the clams with andouille sausage were delicious, although as we said we were ordering apps to share I thought they might have mentioned there were only 2 clams per order. A special of fried cheesy grits was tasty, and the turkey meatballs were very good.
                                          For entrees, we had several orders of catfish- well seasoned, served over more grits. The gumbo was good and a good value at $12 for a generous portion. The daube was also very good, although my DC found the accompanying collards tough and undercooked. I did not taste the pulled pork, but it all disappeared off the plate so it must have been good.
                                          Dessert was a bit odd- we got a special of 2 pieces of blueberry lemon chess pie to share and 2 slices of pecan pie. I think we may have misheard some of the descriptors, as some of us were expecting blueberry pie, some of us were expecting chess pie, and no one was prepared for lemon custard. It all clashed on the plate, in my opinion.
                                          Our server was excellent- friendly, not intrusive and knowledgeable about the food. Our costs with 1-2 drinks per person, shared apps and desserts was about $30 each average.
                                          They were quite busy throughout the night, so hopefully they're here to stay. I think I'd stick with the lower priced dishes for the best value, but would not hesitate to go back.

                                          1193 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA

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                                          1. re: Parsnipity

                                            So...what, like a lemon chess pie with a blueberry topping? I'm having trouble picturing it. Lemon and blueberry work well together, lemon chess pie is a classic...what elements of it were clashing?

                                            1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                                              I don't think of lemon as classic to chess pie. To me, it's a rich sweet custard with possibly a little buttermilk and cornmeal flavor- nothing else. I just thought it had too many flavors and would have been better as a simple, clean chess pie. The blueberry topping had too much corn starch in it which didn't help. It could have also been partly due to expectations- since it was a special, it wasn't written anywhere and I guess we didn't hear the full description and were just a little taken aback by the whole thing. Like "holy lemon blueberry concoction?!"

                                              1. re: Parsnipity

                                                I do love a traditional chess pie -- although buttermilk pie is my favorite in the style -- but I also really enjoy the lemon variation. A starchy blueberry topping is never a good thing, though.

                                          2. I finally went to Tupelo last night and I was really pleased. It's a great addition our restaurant rotation. We showed up around 7:30 and were seated in about 2 minutes. Staff was friendly and easy going. Just what your looking for in a neighborhood place.

                                            Nice and interesting beer selection. I had a Tusker not because its such a great beer but seeing it on the menu gave a little pitter patter to my heart as my parents grew up in Kenya. I always marveled at their Tusker mugs prominently displayed in their home bar.

                                            Ok onto the food:
                                            I had the beef daube and loved it. Great flavors but the real star of the show was the collards it came with. They were so tangy and vinegary. I seriously could eat just a huge bowl of those collards.

                                            MR had a seared scallop special served on a bed of melted leeks and topped with a chorizo dressing. I got a small bite and liked it but he practically licked his plate clean so there was no second taste for me.

                                            I also liked the sweet cornbread served when you sit down. Not too gummy/glutinous or to dry which cornbread can often suffer from.

                                            And last but certainly not least the dessert. I think I wanted to come here mostly because they have pie for dessert which, obviously, I always want. We were pretty full after dinner but against our usual practice of sharing dessert, the menu warranted each getting our own.

                                            I got a coconut cream pie mostly because I could. I've been thinking about one for a couple weeks now and just had to scratch that itch. It was pretty good but not great. The whipped cream on top was overwhipped and on its way to butter. I know this because I did exactly the same thing at a dinner party last week (but I threw it out!). And on Petsi's banana cream or chocolate creme pie the whipped cream is usually so soft and supple. It will be a suitable baseline for me when I tackle my own coconut cream pie.

                                            MRs dessert was called an Elvis cake and was just swoonworthy. It was a chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling topped with toasted (!) marshmallows and served with a side of bourbon ice cream. Bazoomba! Somehow I managed to eat most of my pie and half of his.

                                            1. I hit is last night and was quite pleased, we had:

                                              - Mustardy potato salad, excellent

                                              - Collards, perfectly cooked, a bit sweet and vinegary for traditionalists, but very tasty. Could have used a ham hock for flava, but still quite good.

                                              - Gumbo, very good, zingy gumbo. Could have used a bit more andouille punch but pretty decent

                                              - Jambalaya: this was the start of the night. A slightly soupy rendition, but really excellent. Better than some I've had in Louisiana. Just tasty.

                                              All in all a very nice addition to Inman, and the prices are very reasonable.

                                              On another note, last night was a rough night for restos in Inman. at 7:30, ECG was hopping, but we walked around the whole neighborhood and it was a bit bleak:

                                              - Tupelo was 1/2 full
                                              - East by NE was almost empty
                                              - The newly reopened in beautiful new digs Muqueca was almost deserted.

                                              I hope these places can hang on.

                                              1010 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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                                              1. re: StriperGuy

                                                East by NE is tricky. It'll be empty, empty, empty and then jam packed.

                                                1. re: StriperGuy

                                                  Was at EXNE last week on a Wed.? It was nearly full...Every time I've walked by Tupelo, it has been packed so much that my two tries to actually dine there without a rez have been met with long waits. Can't comment on Muqueca, but I suspect the warm weather had something to do with yesterday's attendance, I hope...

                                                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                                    It's such a small place that the difference between empty and full aren't that many people.

                                                  2. re: StriperGuy

                                                    I've been dying to get over there. Do they have a bar area in addition to the dining room? Also, did you have pie?

                                                    1. re: yumyum

                                                      Didn't have pie, too full. Just ate some leftovers which were excellent!

                                                      1. re: yumyum

                                                        Just went to Tupelo for the first time last night, yumyum. You've probably already been since your post a month ago, but just in case.... They have a small bar which is part of the dining room. It seats 6-8 people. They have just beer (mostly Abita from Louisiana) , wine and sangria. Last night it was a watermelon sangria, which was pretty watered down and bland.

                                                        My DC and I both had pie, and both thought it was great. He had the pecan pie, which he loved, and said was rich, nutty and sweet. I couldn't taste it due to a nut allergy, but I know he's had a fair number of pecan pies (and has given thumbs down to the one at Eastern Standard, for example). I had the Mississippi mud pie, which was one of the best chocolate things I've ever had. It was a brownie with a pile of decadent stuff on top. At about 11:00, as they were getting ready to close, I noticed Petsi in the back room, which they use as a waiting room, giving a worker a foot massage. (I guess kneading dough has made her good at this because he was in heaven.) I asked her what the the stuff on top was, and she said it was brownies and ganache. Good pie. Very good pie.

                                                        The place has more of a family/neighborhood feel than any place I've been in a long time. Everyone working there was so happy and genuinely cordial, and the service was great.

                                                        We found the appetizers (arugula salad with roasted red peppers, goat cheese and lemon vinagrette for me, and biscuits with sausage gravy for my DC) both excellent, along with the desserts. We both found our entrees merely good (spinach and ricotta crepes for me--too salty and bready, and gumbo for him--nice and spicy but not thick enough).

                                                        1. re: pollystyrene

                                                          If you ever have a hankerin' for those pies and don't want to go to Tupelo (or if you want a full size one), both of those are available in various sizes at Petsi Pies most of the time. I get the mini mud pie all the time, because it is SO good!

                                                          Petsi Pies
                                                          285 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143