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FQF After-Dinner - Helix?

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I've been looking for a nice spot away from the madness to have a dinner Saturday night . Anyone have a suggestion?

One option is Helix. I've been once or twice for drinks and snacks, but never for dinner. They're offering what sounds like an incredible deal. Every Saturday they put on a wine dinner for $39. Five courses and six wines for $39? I'm assuming the portions will be a bit smaller than normal, but that still is a great deal. Here's a link to the menu. http://www.helixrwb.com/

Anyone got any other suggestions?

Helix Restaurant and Wine Bar
936 St Charles Ave, New orleans, LA

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  1. I haven't been, but I have heard really good things about the Saturday night dinner...and you're right...it's an incredible deal.

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      I made reservations at Helix . Two oyster courses, smoked salmon, duck, osso bucco, and chocolate ravioli with acoompanying wines for $39? Yeah, I'll take a chance.

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        How was it? There are half price coupons to Helix on Gambit Weekly's web site.

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          Where on the site?

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    2. You should enjoy Helix. The food is better than "good" and the wine parings are really great! I hope you enjoy it. That place has great potential!

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        We went and met some local friends there for dinner and drinks last night - so loud we couldn't even have the discussion on whether to stay while inside. Ran like hell and had a decent Italian dinner down St Charles a couple of miles.