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Apr 17, 2009 07:13 AM

FQF After-Dinner - Helix?

I've been looking for a nice spot away from the madness to have a dinner Saturday night . Anyone have a suggestion?

One option is Helix. I've been once or twice for drinks and snacks, but never for dinner. They're offering what sounds like an incredible deal. Every Saturday they put on a wine dinner for $39. Five courses and six wines for $39? I'm assuming the portions will be a bit smaller than normal, but that still is a great deal. Here's a link to the menu.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

Helix Restaurant and Wine Bar
936 St Charles Ave, New orleans, LA

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  1. I haven't been, but I have heard really good things about the Saturday night dinner...and you're's an incredible deal.

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    1. re: nikinik

      I made reservations at Helix . Two oyster courses, smoked salmon, duck, osso bucco, and chocolate ravioli with acoompanying wines for $39? Yeah, I'll take a chance.

      1. re: Diner4Life

        How was it? There are half price coupons to Helix on Gambit Weekly's web site.

    2. You should enjoy Helix. The food is better than "good" and the wine parings are really great! I hope you enjoy it. That place has great potential!

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        We went and met some local friends there for dinner and drinks last night - so loud we couldn't even have the discussion on whether to stay while inside. Ran like hell and had a decent Italian dinner down St Charles a couple of miles.