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Apr 17, 2009 06:51 AM

Hook Specials?

Hello all - I reserved a table at Hook for an anniversary dinner since it gets such rave reviews and I wanted to spend an evening in Georgetown. Problem is Hubby is not that much of a seafood lover, he occassionally orderes fish out but usually it's a seafood app and a nice steak. I see they have a ribeye on the menu but was wondering if anyone can say if they have any specials that would be steak or even game? I didn't find any steakhouses that I felt would be good for us (we may try Ray's but not for our anniversary dinner). Thanks for any input.

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  1. According to a recent post, Hook's steak is very good. I'm just passing it on, no idea myself:

    1. Hook is 100% a seafood restaurant outside of that one ribeye you saw. If your husband doesn't really like seafood, I wouldn't recommend Hook.

      I believe there are some appetizers that are non-seafood (salads, maybe a cheese plate etc) but there are not non-seafood main courses.

      1. A couple of weeks ago they had a great filet mignon (but no ribeye). Great as in better than chains (and cheaper too). Since their menu changes, you would be best off calling them and ask what non-seafood entree they're serving.

        1. Um...Yeah...they have more than just a tenderloin steak or Ribeye too....
          They also have a poultry item on their menu!