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Apr 17, 2009 06:25 AM

Peace, Pastry and a cup of Tea

I have yet to see any mention of the Tea Room at Le Maitre Chocolatier on the SW Corner of Shebrooke at Guy, but if you have not been there, this could very well be the next coming of what was (the now defunct grand dame of all tea houses) La Chartreuse.

I have been meaning to drop by the tea room since Christmas and am now kicking myself for not going sooner. Located just next to the newly opened (and I have yet to go in) Fino, this second floor tea room magically spirits you away from downtown into a very quiet, well appointed and calm environment...

The owner Nada Fares and her husband have taken their time and done a beautiful job in building this urban hide out. It is clear that their perfectionism manifests itself in their chocolates, home made pastries, teas, and the environment.

Well worth the visit.

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  1. thanks, I'll check it out!

    1. Your description of it is beautiful, I really want to see this place. A quick google search gave me this review by Voir, albeit in french. Price for a whole traditional afternoon tea with all included is $32. Info is 1612, rue Sherbrooke Ouest 514 544-9475, open 10am-6pm Tue-Sun if anyone is interested.

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      1. re: Chocolatesa

        Hoo. that sound yummy. So i guess I could try this as a lunch spot? Do they serve any savoury food other than sandwiches?

        1. re: moh

          Sorry, I don't know, I haven't been there yet. Waitaminute... I tried editing my post with the english review... I guess it didn't work.. oh well. Look further down in your Google results and you'll get an english review.

          1. re: Chocolatesa

            I just came back from there and as stated, the service is very attentive, the food and teas are prepared from scratch (by someone they buy from) and the pastries, sandwiches, and scones are all excellent. the chocolates were the highlight of our meal.

            and the other savory thing that was served other than the sandwiches was the goat cheese/creme (tasted a bit like labneh) which was served with the scones and jam (plain and blueberry scones with quince, fig, and bitter orange jams)

            and by the way, everytime our waiter noticed that something was dissapearing quickly off the table, he asked us if we wanted more of that item (would you like more sandwiches? more cheese? more cookies? more tea?..)

            thank you for recommending this place. it is a great relaxation or date spot.

          2. re: moh

            No lunch, just tea..

            They have no intention of competing with the just opened Fino, next door.

            Likewise, Fino does not have a tea room...

          3. re: Chocolatesa

            I haven't had a real tea in years...I might just go. It is in the area.

            Thank you.

            1. re: bigfellow

              I was there this afternoon and just loved it. The place is beautiful and the service is great. They make all the food from scratch, pies, scones, jams etc... I also had a hot chocolate and it was one of the best I`ve had in the city. My other favorites are Chocolats de Chloe & Maison Kakao

              1. re: isa1

                It's mighty tempting to try that tea very soon... I know that when I bought chocolate at the downstairs boutique, the couple were very nice and friendly, they are trying to succeed at their business with all their heart.

                The tea would be an excellent mother's day outing I think.