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Apr 17, 2009 06:00 AM

Fish Store

This was the sign in the old Reef Cafe location. Any details?

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  1. Inquiring minds want to know; good catch!
    I missed it when I drove by the other day.....

    1. I stopped in last night to pick up a menu around 8:30pm and the place was absolutely packed. My first impression was that it was called "Fish Store" but the menu says "Fish Market." The interior looks nice, definitely a step up from most of the other restaurants/takeout joints on that strip of Brighton Ave. The menu looks pretty generic, but the place smelled great and the sushi at the bar looked very fresh. I cant wait to try it, and hope that i will have a chance this weekend since I live right around the corner.

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        So is it a restaurant or is it also a fish market/store? It would be GREAT to have a fishmonger in the neighborhood, since the only other one nearby (besides the fish counters at Super 88 and Star Market) is Wulf's, which isn't very good anymore.

        1. re: Allstonian

          Unfortunately it is a restaurant with a sushi bar and not a market. There is a Mexican restaurant opening up next door called "Habaneros" which will hopefully be better than the other options in the area.

      2. Didn't someone say a Mexican joint was opening in this spot?

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        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          So I finally registered after spending countless months lurking and reading. I figured breaking the silence on Fish Market would be a good introduction to the boards.

          It is indeed a sushi restaurant and not a retail fish store. I wandered in on Easter night with two friends, catching them on their second night open. The space is very pretty, especially for Allston. Sharp, clean lines with bright natural wood, cream walls, and plenty of bamboo. It's refreshing to see a restaurant on this stretch of Brighton Ave take decor seriously. The food is fresh, clean, and simple. In stark contrast to Privus across the street, you won't find gigantic maki tortured into unatuaral positions and adorned with bright swaths of sticky sauces and spicy mayo. Fish was the star of every presentation we had. That may sound obvious for a sushi restaurant, but I think it gets lost in some places.

          We started with boiled edamame, which struck the perfect balance between firm and tender and were nicely salted. Miso soup was richly flavored with a intense yet delicate dashi base, though no better than the countless good versions of this soup around town. A sushi and chirashi combo brought remarkably large portions for the price. Two pieces each of salmon, tuna, mackerel, sweet shrimp, and unagi alongside some simple tuna rolls and another more inventive maki whose composition eludes me. Dragon Eye Maki was the standout and simply stunning to the eye. A wide, short inside-out roll presented flat on the plate containing thin slivers of fresh avocado and silky salmon spiraling inward on itself. The only slight dissapointment was an order of Kobe beef maki, which failed to deliver on the promise of unctuous fatty delight. I've thought the same of nearly all attainably priced Kobe dishes I've had elsewhere though. Thin, slightly overcooked grey slices of Kobe (I'm guessing the cut was flank steak) draped over a small inside out roll containing salmon roe, avocado, julienned cucumber, and a crispy/crunchy element I couldn't identify.

          All in all, I thought the overall quality of the fish used was excellent. That being said, there's no time for good fish to decline by the second night, so time will tell if they can turn enough tables to maintain that level of freshness. Prices were incredibly reasonable. The three of us walked out well fed for under sixty before tip. I think this will be a great and welcome addition to the Allston dining scene. Fish Market compares favorably to Super Fusion, which has previously been my bench mark for simple and affordable sushi. In fact, they may be the only places where the combination of the words "value" and "sushi" don't send me running for the hills.

          I hope to return this week and should be able to offer more details then.

          1. re: Vin Ordinaire

            Welcome to the board and thanks for the comprehensive review! "Value" and "sushi" combined in a good way is indeed a rarity.

            1. re: Vin Ordinaire

              I went to Super Fusion once and found the oversized, crudely-sliced pieces of fish to be really unappetizing. Are these extra-large-sized pieces or more modest?

              1. re: Luther

                For the unadorned fish, the pieces were large which is as I've seen it done other places. I'd estimate 3 in long, 2 in wide, 1/3 in high, but overall smaller than Super Fusion. The cut was very clean as I recall. Nearly perfectly rectangle with no ragged or uneven edges. The sushi (on top of rice) and the rolls were sliced much thinner.

            2. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

              You're thinking of Habanero, which is going into the space that was once Eats and Treats at 166 Brighton Ave.

            3. Link

              Fish Market
              170 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA 02134