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Apr 17, 2009 05:22 AM

Estrelle Family Creamery?

Has anyone been to the Estrelle Family Creamery ans tried their cheeses?

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  1. Haven't been to their dairy (in Montesano) but get their cheeses at the U Dist farmer's market and love them.

    1. Their cheese was mentioned (quite) favorably here--


      1. Estrella Family Creamery welcomes visitors M-F if you give them a call. Anthony and Kelli are artisan producers: their hands are on everything they produce. The cow and goat's milk is from their own farm, and any additions to the cheeses are local (Pike Place Ale, Washington truffles, lavender, oh, and my favorite - the leaves from the old apple tree the use to wrap the Tomme.)

        You can get (and pay a premium for ) the cheeses at Whole Food, Picnic, PCC, and other retail outlets, but you are better off going to UD (Saturday) or Ballard farmers market and taste the daily offereings. You'll pay 50% less buying direct from the Estrellas.

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          I was there Friday and boy it was great. She has over 25 different cheeses now and she makes them all herself. I cannot say which is my best because they were all great. At the farm they are only open on Saturdays or call them and set up an appointment. If you love cheese it is worth stopping buy. I was really supprised at soem of the combinations of gaot cow mix cheeses.