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Apr 17, 2009 05:08 AM

Hollywood Thaitown

I am staying i Hollywood and looking for good Thai food. I haven't been to thaitown before and does anything stick out as being better than the others? Maybe something a little different than the norm?

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  1. Jitlada is the answer. Go for the southern specialties. Have Jazz assist you with the planning of your menu. Report back.

    5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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      Thanks for the suggestion and Jitlada it will be. Will be in town the first week of May and will make it one of my first food stops. review coming afterwards

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        I'm a local who lives within walking distance to Thai Town and my answer is Jitlada, Jitlada, Jitlada...

        Don't forget it's not pronounced "jit-LAH-da" but "jit-luh-DAH"

        True story - A friend of mine recently called me told me he was eating at "jit-LAH-da."
        I asked him, "Which gelato place are you going to?"

      2. It's been a few years since I've visited, but I recall just searching this board and picking on that basis, plus the usual look at what's crowded and full of Thai people. So not much help, I know, but the reason for posting is to let you know that is you ask for spicy, you will get it. I normally have a taste for and a good capacity for hot/spicy food and seldom, if ever, have any problems. When I ate in Thaitown, I swear I could feel the food burning holes in my esophagus on the way down.

        1. Definitely Jitlada is the best for Thai food in that area. The owner is super nice and will accomodate your spice preferences. Try the mussels and mango salad.

          1. The other place to consider, besides Jitlada, is Palm Thai -- the Thai Elvis performs there on weekend nights. Fun place to get a snack, a beer, and have some good entertainment.

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              Palm Thai's food is rather bland. But Thai Elvis is always fun.

            2. if you want noodles, go to sapp (boat noodles), ord (good assortment) or rodded (duck). imo, sapp has the best boat noodles out of the three but it is very dingy.