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Apr 17, 2009 05:04 AM

Buttermilk Powder?

I make a fair number of things (cakes, meatballs, etc.) that call for a relatively small amount of buttermilk. Maybe 1/2 to 1 cup. So I end up buying a quart and then tossing what I don't use (I don't make these things that often). I know I can kind of simulate buttermilk with regular milk and a little vinegar, but America's Test Kitchen recently did a segment on this where they suggested buttermilk powder (presumably you mix it with water to get buttermilk).

Anyone out there every use this stuff? If so, how good is it? And is it available in any grocery store? It just seems like a much more frugal way to have buttermilk on hand.

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  1. I like it. It's nice to have that on hand since, like you, I don't use buttermilk all that often. It's available in most grocery stores (but I'm in a bigger metropolitan area) but sometimes trickier to find in the store. OTOH, using milk w/ vinegar/lemon juice works well, too, as does thinning sour cream w/ regular milk.

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      I also keep it on hand for baking because I don't often remember to buy buttermilk.

      If you can't find it locally King Arthur offers it in their catalog.

    2. It's great to have around for a lactic acid bump. If you can't find it locally:

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        I've never seen it in grocery stores (although I haven't exactly looked all that hard; will do now). I just ordered some on-line. Even with shipping I'm thinking it will be cheaper than buying a quart everytime I need a cup.

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          The problem I've found is that different stores stock it in different places. I found it under "gourmet" foods in one store, "natural" food products in another but usually in the baking section.

      2. Love it, always have it in the fridge, always works. But no, you don't mix it with water. You add the powder along with your dry ingredients and then add the prescribed amount of water where the buttermilk is called for. The directions are on the back of the can. Store it in the fridge after it's been opened.

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          Thanks. Have you been able to buy this in any old grocery store? If so, I assume the baking aisle?

        2. I looked for this ingredient recently in my city (here in Canada) without success. Folks kept telling me it was easily available, but I didn't seem to have any luck in the downtown core and without a car, its hard to access those suburban bulk stores where I suspect it could be found. A 'can' you say, do you have a brand name?

          I am going to check that online source.

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            It's not a metal can, but a cardboard canister with a plastic top, like sometimes used for hot chocolate powder or mixed nuts. I've always seen it in the baking aisle. Sometimes it's in a box containing tear-open pre-measured packets.

            However, you can freeze buttermilk. It separates, but shake it up before adding it to your batter and it's fine. I freeze it in 1-cup amounts.

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              Lasts for Years in the fridge.

              I buy the real article when making Irish Soda Bread, but for casual breakfast items, this is a standby.

            2. Powered buttermilk can be purchased at Super Wal-mart, it's usually in the baking aisle.