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Apr 16, 2009 11:56 PM

Robuchon--help me choose

I'll be in Tokyo during Golden Week, and am trying to decide between the different Robuchon places. According to their online reservation system, I can definitely get a table for dinner at either Chateau or La Table (lunches, unfortunately, are completely booked up). I haven't called up L'Atelier yet, but I'm pretty sure I'd be able to get a table there, too. I've looked at their menus online, and each restaurant has at least one tasting menu I'd love to try.

So, not thinking about price, which restaurant would give me the best overall experience? I'll be dining alone, so I want to feel comfortable and not as though they think I'm just taking up space (the staff at Ryugin, for example, are great at making single diners feel welcome and comfortable, but some other places not so much). That's one thing I'm concerned about.

I'm also a little concerned about food--I'm going to Tapas Molecular Bar the night after, and am hoping to do L'Osier or the like for lunch one day (longshot, but may as well try). Will Chateau be over-kill, so much so that I won't appreciate my other meals (as well as Chateau) as much?

With those two points in mind, which Robuchon place would you choose?

Or if you'd go elsewhere, where would you go? I'm not looking for traditional Japanese food (except tempura is always good), though something along the lines of Ryugin would be OK. It's kind of late notice, I know, but any help would be appreciated!

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  1. L'Atelier is all counter seating, so it's a comfortable place for dining alone.

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      Thanks! I'll give them a call and see what they have available. If they aren't full at lunch, that would be even better since I can usually eat more earlier in the day!

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        L'Atelier is definitely comfortable for a single diner. Le Cafe, in the Nihonbashi Takashimaya, is a really nice, small space (love the bijou feel of the room), so you wouldn't feel all alone in a sea of parties. The menu there is slightly more straightforward, though still excellent.

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          Le Cafe looks interesting, but it looks a little more casual than what I'm looking for. Do you need reservations for Le Cafe? I could always stop by for tea and cake!

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            I didn't make a reservation, just showed up for a later lunch (around 1:30-2:00 pm). I guess it is comparatively casual, but the menu was definitely not boring. There was one item on the menu called something like a foie gras burger. if I go again and it's still on there, I'd get it. My three-course lunch is below.

    2. If you like Ryugin, you will like Ariona de Takazawa. Need to book early though. In the past, dinner needs 2-3 months advanced reservation; much easier to get a lunch table. Another option is La Bombance, some creative elements there but more "Japanese" than Ryugin/Ariona.

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        Does Aronia accept single diners now? The last time I tried (a little under a year ago), they had a minimum requirement of a party of two. I read on their website that they're taking a break from lunch seatings now, but I'll e-mail them and see what they've got available (it's very possible I mis-read). I expected them to be closed during Golden Week since they're such a small operation, but it looks like they'll be open. Even Ryugin is closed for part of that week!

        1. re: prasantrin

          I don't know if Ariona accept single diner.