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Apr 16, 2009 11:22 PM

local, sustainable, organic seattle restaurants

i'm trying to expand my list of seattle restaurants that try to source local, sustainable, organic ingredients and ethically-raised animals. any thoughts?

on my list so far are tilth, sitka & spruce, agua verde, volterra, cantinetta...

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    1. Green Go Foods (
      )Stumbling Goat Bistro (
      )TASTE at SAM (
      )Likely anyplace that Thundering Hooves sells to (
      )Likely anyplace that Skagit River Ranch sells to (

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      1. re: jaydeflix

        Lark. Don't know the extent to which they pursue these goals compared with the places mentioned above, but I find their preperations of local/organic food to be among the more sophisticated and delicious in the group.

        1. Cafe Juanita
          Corson Building
          Palace Kitchen
          Veraci Pizza
          Art of the Table

          These quality restaurants buy from local farms, shop at farmers markets and try to run their businesses in sustainable manner. When I talk to chefs, they often prioritize local, then sustainable, then organic. Often the local farms cannot afford to be called organic which requires out-of-pocket fees and verification from accredited sources.

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            Agree with the above comment about organic. Add to the list Trellis in Kirkland, where the chef grows some of his own produce.


            1. re: choweater

              I'm not sure I would consider Cafe Juanita, they serve foie gras. Which does not come from animals raised with ethics.

              Try dinner at PCC deli, it's not fancy, but for a quick, affordable, quality, healthy, ethical meal it's perfect!

              1. re: blondi2598

                The last thing in the world this thread needs is to get into a foie gras debate. That being said, I simply must object to the notion that foie gras comes from animals raised without ethics.
                It is a fact that, in this country, foie gras producers must follow strict guidelines for how their animals are raised and treated - they are free range, never caged, and fed all natural feed.
                In fact, I would suggest that ducks raised by foie gras producers in this country are raised MORE ethically than the majority of beef, chicken, rabbit, and venison producers - including the free range, all natural, etc. product you'll find at PCC.

                Cafe Juanita makes local, organic and sustainable decisions about the food they serve and their food is outstanding.

                1. re: Green Eggs and Ham

                  Well said GE&H. For a discussion of some of the best foie gras in the world, check out Dan Barber's talk on

            2. We are going to be in Seattle around the end of August with three small children (1, 3 and 4) and nine adults. Would any of these restaurants be good for that type of a crowd? Obviously we don't want anything too fancy, but something with entrees in the $20 - $30 range and outdoor seating or a nicer casual restaurant usually works well. Also, we are staying near the airport, so suggestions on that side of town would be nice. (Although we will hopefully spend some time downtown too.) Any ideas would be really helpful, thanks!

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              1. re: tracyd

                Verace Pizza at about 4th NW and Market is fine with kids. It's a little loud and busy with take-out traffic, since the neighborhood has discovered it, but good and reasonable . Nearby, and also good for kids, is Tutta Bella. If you want a crazy scene, go to Pasta Freska, on Westlake, where the staff will just ask if there's anything you don't want and then proceed to bring food to the table. Kids all over the place.