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Apr 16, 2009 10:48 PM

Late night dining in Hong Kong

My girlfriend and I are coming to Hong Kong from Singapore this weekend. I've been reading some great posts/recommendations about the dining possibilities, but, I am unclear about hours. We are arriving at 10pm tonight, staying in Causeway Bay. Can anyone recommend places with great (not too expensive) food, even if simple. Prefer local specialties, but anything will be fine. As to our backgrounds: we both live in NY, girlfriend is teaching in Singapore for this term. I write about food and wine for a living and have a very open palate.

One other question: I have noted several links to OpenRice listings. They look fantastic, but I can't read Chinese! Didn't see an English language link on that page. Any ideas?



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  1. Causeway Bay has actually many late night restaurants. If you don't mind walking 10-15 minutes across the Victoria Garden to Tin Hau, one I really like which is cheap, and great and very local is Sister Wah (shop A, G/F, 13 Electric Road) for beef brisket hor fun soup. The shop closed at 11pm. Not sure if there is English menu though...

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