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Apr 16, 2009 10:29 PM

Plugra butter in OC???

Trader Joe's in RSM hasn't had Plugra since before Easter.

Today I asked one of the Hawaiian-shirt guys and he said Plugra was DISCONTINUED due to slow sales.

Plugra! Discontinued! At Trader Joe's!

If this proves to be true, does anyone know another OC source for the 1-lb. blocks of unsalted Plugra? (Company website suggests Ralphs.)

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  1. Sorry that I am unfamiliar with OC. Vicente Foods in Brentwood carries two varieties of Plugra butter in the cheese case at all times.

    1. It should be at any Whole Foods or Bristol Farms.

      1. Thank you -- I am aware Whole Foods carries it, but (at least in the Tustin store) only 8 oz. rather than 16 oz. and (of course) at a MUCH higher price than TJ.

        Also would be interested in OC sources for alternative high-butterfat, preferably cultured, unsalted butter.

        1. I don't know if they carry one-pound blocks (I've certainly seen half-pound blocks) but Henry's in Costa Mesa and Fullerton carry Plugra butter, as do Gelson's (locations in Irvine, NPB and Dana Point), and any Mother's Market, but call ahead as it's slow turnover.

          TJ's have been doing some tinkering with which I am NOT happy -- they stopped carrying King Arthur Flour and replaced it with a store brand. It's PROBABLY the same thing just repackaged, but I don't know for sure and it pissed me off to have to go to Wholesome Choice when I wasn't planning to.

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Thank you DU -- yes, turnover at other outlets is a problem... one reason I don't believe "slow sales" was the reason for TJ discontinuing Plugra. There wasn't any problem w/freshness, it was selling all the time.

            Henry's in Mission Viejo is a regular stop for me, will take a look at the butter section.

            Mother's, glaciallly slow turnover of stuff like this I think.

            In re the discontinued King Arthur Flour, the new TJ is NOT KA rebranded -- I asked KA when I got their email about it, and was told, and I believe them, that they do no private labeling.

            At least Ralph's has KA, and Smart & Final has the ap in 10 lb. bags.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                DU - be careful, because the TJ employees will tell you it's just KA rebranded, but KA says nope. I'm SO SO bummed because no one had KA flour cheaper than TJ's.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  Both choices stink. The best source I've found for one pound block is at some Smart and Finals.

                2. I used to buy it from Ralphs but the one closest to my home in Irvine does not carry it anymore. Instead, I am now buying the salted Challenge butter, which is really not bad in my opinion.