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Apr 16, 2009 10:05 PM

Moving to Ventura County - ISO Everything

Moving from Encinitas to Ojai later this month.

Looking for recs from Ojai to Ventura and the surrounding area

Looking for Mexican, Thai, Sushi, Italian, Diners, and anything else you all think we would like. We typically like a more casual restaurant with affordable food, organic a plus.

Been to Cafe Bariloche - loved it. Enjoyed lunch at Chamomile Cafe in Carpinteria.

Excited to be near Brent's - the dearth of Jewish Deli in San Diego County is a sad affair. Is there a difference between the 2 Brent's? Are we okay in Westlake or should we go to Northridge?


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  1. I think the one in Westlake Village is very good, but it can get crowded so try to beat the lunch crowd if possible get there by 11am.

    1. Maria Bonita, on Main St. in Ventura -- more or less across the street from the Mission. Very nice riffs on Mexican regional dishes.

      1. The thread linked here begins in 2006 and meanders up to within a few days ago:

        And here is another thread that is very recent which may be helpful to you too:

        1. Either Brents is fine, but Westlake is nowhere near Ojai.

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            No, but a lot closer than Encinitas!!

          2. Enorah, what happened? I live in Westwood but my dad and his wife spent time a couple times a year in Carlsbad then Solana Beach, so I found your threads and recommendations to be very helpful, both for my visits and to pass on ideas to him. I remember reading about and grieving with you on the loss of your kitty back when you first moved to the area, and have followed your contributions to this board ever since. Best wishes for an easy move and a happy relocation to your new area.

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            1. re: nosh

              Nosh, thank you. We have eaten our way through northern san diego county and now must relocate


              The mountains are calling us.

              Thank you all for the recs so far, please keep them coming.

              Sushi, where to get really good sushi?