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Apr 16, 2009 09:45 PM

Dining with kids in Arlington

We're going to make a trip to Washington DC in May, and will be staying in Arlngton. We will have our 6 year old daughter with us. She is a really great eater, and we don't have to limit our dining experiences because of her. I'm looking for suggestions for reasonable restaurants in DC and Arlington. We try to avoid chain restaurants, and do love all ethnic restaurants.

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  1. Mother of a one-year-old here. You have a lot of options, but here is what I's do: Ray's Hell Burger in Rosslyn, Minh's in Clarendon for vietnamese, both in Arlington and easy to get to from metro stops. Both are reasonably priced. In DC, 2 Amy's for pizza near the Cathedral, Etete for ethiopian in a more funky part of town and Cafe du Parc for easygoing french near the white house. Also, Teaism on in Dupont and one in Penn Quarter, for lunch, breakfast or a snack. I have been to all of these places with children that are good eaters. You will not be out of place with your daughter at any of these, and will get an excellent meal as well. Have fun and report back!

    1. whitlow's on wilson (clarendon neighborhood) is very reasonable, and is child-friendly. mondays they have half-priced burgers (good burgers!) and specials during the week. http://www.whitlows.com/

      uncle julio's/rio grande cafe is tex-mex in arlington's "ballston" neighborhood. i love the guadalajara platter, with shrimp and fajitas. "Guadalajara
      Our signature grilled jumbo shrimp brochette; stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and jalapeños wrapped with bacon and your choice of chicken, beef or combination fajitas." (get the beef fajitas on this platter -- better than the stand-alone beef fajitas, for some reason). http://www.unclejulios.com/menu.html
      4301 N. Fairfax Dr.
      Arlington, VA 22203

      basic diner breakfast: linda's café on lee highway (rte. 29), west of glebe rd.
      diner open late, more expensive, but good quality food and desserts: metro 29 diner. located at lee hwy and glebe rd. great greek spinach pie special, nice steak brochettes, huge breakfast omelettes


      pizza: thin-crust wood fired pizzas at pie-tanza on harrison street (at lee hwy). http://www.pie-tanza.com/ good pastas, too. fresh vegetables, herbs, house-made fire-roasted tomato sauce.

      in the same shopping center, there is a quite decent and reasonably priced family-run thai place, ghin na ree. excellent som tum, and a great lunch deal on weekdays.

      cowboy cafe on lee hwy near glebe is good, too. http://www.yelp.com/biz/cowboy-cafe-a... sit in the dining room adjoining the bar. there may be smoking in the bar, but not a lot, and it is no problem in the dining room, imo. good specials. half-priced burgers on tuesdays. big weekend brunch crowd with kids. their shrimp and grits is quite good --really fresh shrimp, and in appetizers, too.

      1. Suggest Tap & Vine on Lee Hwy near Lexington. Family friendly, notwithstanding the lounge-like name, "Truffle fries" are like shoestring potatoes--the kind of novelty kids might appreciate. If Mom wants a beer, there's a selection of draft beers.

        I second the recommendation of Ghin Na Rhee--and it's next to a Baskin Robbins for dessert.

        1. I see a lot of little ones at Liberty Tavern in Clarendon. If you can get an outside seat at Uncle Julio's on a nice evening it is nice, I like the shrimp diablo (thanks alkapal) the fajitas are pretty good, and they have a decent chicken salad, the rest is take it or leave it. If you have a car Taqueria Poblano has great tacos and is VERY kid friendly. Sette Bello is also kid friendly, the food can be a little inconsistent, some things are excellent, some so-so. I like the penne salmon, pizza is pretty good, good salads and the risotto with lamb or veal shank. They also have a pasta with chicken and asparagus that is good. Also lots of kids at Harry's Tap Room for brunch.

          I would only go to Whitlows on Wilson during the day, maybe for brunch only it is kind of a glorified bar. I don't think the food is that stellar.

          They have food everyone will enjoy. I am not sure where in Arlington you are staying. If you are near Shirlington, the Carlyle Grand is very good. For lighter things Busboys and Poets has good sandwiches and salads.

          There are lots of threads on child friendly in DC so check those out for in DC places.

          1. You got a lot of good suggestions. Where exactly in Arlington are you staying? We have taken our 2 year old to Rio Grande and Pie Tanza without incident.