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Apr 16, 2009 09:42 PM

5 Towns pizza

I decided to go out for a slice of pizza after I packed away my pesach dishes. It was 11:45pm and I went to Sabra's pizza. Place was crowded but I figured, its to be expected. After a few minutes on line I heard them announce "who has number 67?" then someone behind me asked another person, are they using numbers? So I quickly dashed to the cashier and asked "where do I get a number?" he points to the long line that I was waiting on and said that this was the line to get a number!!!! I said to myself this is absured so I left, walked for less than a minute to Davids Famous pizza, walked in and within 3 minutes walked out with my 3 slices.

Question. Is Sabra's pizza so much better that people would wait for what I imagine would have been 45 minutes (I heard someone lament that he was waiting already 30 minutes) rather than go less than a minute away to one of the two other pizza stores and be in and out with their order?

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  1. I had 2 delicious slices at K4 on Cornega in Far Rockaway erev Pesach. It will probably be another 4 months before I have another slice of pizza. 35 lbs down since September another 20 to go

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      I feel for you. I will be going back on my Atkins diet, big time, come Monday. I dread to go on the scale, this pesach was a diet buster.

      1. re: MartyB

        Really? I would think Pesach and Atkins work well together. Aside from the matza you have to eat at the seder and for motzi(the same issue you have with bread year round), you just avoid matza and eat nothing but vegetables and meat. You don't even need to worry about pesach recipes since nothing you're eating has flour in it.

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          Its a psychological thing. To keep my sanity, I go off of Atkins at holidays and affairs. Between the matzos and all the potatoes (which I love) and since we are talking about a full week of cheating, I now have to pay. Fortunately, I can, and will go back on my diet this Monday and will stay on it until the scale allows me to go back on my maintanence, which in my case is Atkins Mon-Thurs and off Fri-Sun.