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Apr 16, 2009 09:28 PM

Help me impress my cousin from NY! - In North Bay

My 27 year old, sushi-fiend cousin, is coming to visit me tomorrow night. I don't know if sushi is right, considering the North Bay's issues. He is a Nor Cal guy at heart, loves Mexican, and mises it, but would also love an amazing experitence. Considering Willi's, etc.... HELP!

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  1. How far north are you thinking of traveling? I really like Hana Sushi in Santa Rosa if you are going that far north.

    1. If North Bay includes Sausalito, there's the incomparable Sushi Ran. Ummm - what are the "issues?"

      1. Find out his favorite sushi place, he might not be that hard to please. If he's not into authenticity, then you might be safe with sushi, but generally, sushi is not a strong point in the entire Bay Area compared to the top spots in NY or LA. I would not go to either Willi's if I werer trying to impress someone.

        Have you considered Eloise in Sebastopol? Not sushi, but he'll recognize the pedigree of the chef/owners from Prune and reports have been uniformly good.

        Note that Hana is in Rohnert Park, not Santa Rosa.

        1. Here's another vote for Sushi Ran.

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            I second Hana in Rohnert Park and for non-sushi Sol Food in San Rafael. Delicious plantanos, housemade limeade and more

            1. re: saffrongold

              I like Sol too, but I am guessing you could find a lot more choices for Puerto Rican food in NY.

              1. re: saffrongold

                Taking a visiting New Yorker to Sol Food would be like taking a San Franciscan visiting New York to El Loco Burrito III.

                1. re: saffrongold

                  Seriously, not Sol Food unless you want to be mocked. I like Sol Food, but my NY friends would not be so kind.

              2. Isn't there a Nepali/Sherpa community in the North Bay, and two or three Himalayan restuarants? He might enjoy something along those lines more elaborate than a Roosevelt Avenue hole-in-the-wall.

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                1. re: Xiao Yang

                  Namaste Kitchen in Petaluma, Taste of the Himalayas in Sonoma, Himalayan Tandoori & Curry House in Sebastopol, but they have that cuisine in NYC.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Yes, but it's rather thinly reperesented. Probably the only ethninc cuisine in the North Bay that could stand up to its NY counterparts.