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Apr 16, 2009 08:35 PM

Malibu Kid-Friendly Meals

Gonna be in Malibu in May, haven't been there in 15 years. Any suggestions for places can hit with young kids (ie, no Granita)? Good burgers, shrimp, chicken nuggets, while also having good stuff for somewhat more sophisticated parents?

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  1. Coogie's is probably the most kid-friendly place in Malibu -- they'd have all or most of the items you listed. My mom loves their burgers. It's in the same huge strip mall where Granita was (which I think has been gone for a while but may be wrong.) Coogie's is pretty popular although their type of food doesn't appeal to me, but then again there aren't very many Chowish restaurants in Malibu, particularly those that are kid friendly, so Coogie's probably your best bet. My favoite place in Malibu is Bui right next door, a sushi bar, very good, pretty reasonably priced by Malibu standards. I've heard they have the same owners, so I wouldn't be surprised if they'd let you order sushi and bring it into Coogie's to have while kids eat their food!

    1. Yes, Granita is long gone, although their space still remains empty. I would recommend Geoffrey's for brunch, we used to take my boys there when they were really little and the staff always accomodated their tastes.

      If you don't want to spend that much, for the same ocean view, try Malibu Seafood, a fish shack right on PCH, with good fish & chips, shrimp,etc. FYI - it's byob, and I think they're closed on Mondays, or some other day of the week.

      Or you can always go to Duke's or Bob Morris' Paradise Cove, both on the beach with average to mediocre food, but if it's chicken nuggets or burgers for the kids, at least they have a decent bar menu for drinks for the adults.

      1. Coogie's is definitely the best place for thim. Kids and adults alike will find something good here

        1. We don't like the food at Coogie's so much, but I agree it's quite kid-friendly. We usually end up at Marmalade (in Cross Creek), or at Malibu Seafood, which may have the best food of any place in Malibu, period, and is a great place for kids and everyone except for the frequent long ordering lines and waits.

          Paradise Cove is awful, and frequently has even longer waits than Malibu Seafood; I would not recommend it for kids.

          1. I've always found that the restaurants in Malibu are pretty kid-friendly.

            For lunch I'd go to the country mart. The kids can play on the equipment and you can picnic at the surrounding tables with your choice of burgers, Howdy's (Mexican), Tom's Garden (healthy sandwiches) or Tra di noi (Italian - I'd only recommend the takeout window). Although I agree with another poster that Paradise Cove Beach Cafe has mediocre food, it is right on the sand and the kids can play.

            I'll second or third the Malibu Seafood rec. I also like Taverna Tony's.

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              Ooh, I do love Taverna Tony's as well, and it's been a while, but we always go with the kids b/c the Greek owners are very kid friendly, but you won't find chicken nuggets or burgers & dogs there. Your kids would have to be a little bit more adventurous. I think we would order the oreganato roast chicken there for them.