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Brunch in Columbus, OH

My wife and I will be visiting our 20 year old son and would like to take him and his girl friend for a nice Sunday brunch. What do the local hounds suggest? We are not looking for a buffet, but rather a nice menu.

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  1. While I have not been there myself a lot of people like Cap City Fine Diner. They have 2 locations depending on which area you are closer to. I know you said that you are not necessarily interested in a buffet but I thought I would mention the jazz brunch at Polaris Grill as I think it is one of the best I have had in Ohio, and my parents and I are trying out new places all the time.

    Polaris Grill
    1930 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240

    Cap City Fine Diner and Bar: Gahanna
    1301 StoneRidge Drive, Gahanna, OH 43230

    Cap City Fine Diner and Bar: Grandview
    1299 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43212

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      I should mention that we will be in the OSU area but can drive anywhere.

    2. I love Spagio in Grandview. Sunday brunch is great, and you can sit outside if the weather is nice. The food is always good with a good variety of breakfast-like and more lunch-style items. Plus, Grandview is really cute to walk around after you eat. http://www.spagio.com/spagio/index.html

      1. Zencha Tea Salon has a great and unique brunch and is close to campus. Spagio is a good choice as well..

        1. I haven't had the opportunity to go yet myself, but local foodies swear by the Sunday brunch at Sage American Bistro. Here's the menu: http://www.sageamericanbistro.com/bru...

          It's also conveniently located on High Street a couple of miles north of campus. It's on the part of High Street that has a lot of construction going on but there's parking around back.

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            I second Sage Bistro, I'd go there every weekend if i could........

          2. Salvi's has a good brunch. lots of desserts and Pasta Salvi, which makes it worth the trip (deep fried pasta alfredo - hard to imagine, insanely delicious to eat) - it's out on the West side, off I-70 and Hilliard-rome Road. Also, Anna's Greek Restaurant on Sawmill has an outstanding Sunday brunch!

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              I have eaten at Salvi's myself about a month or so back and while I found most of their stuff to be delicious, jeez that pot roas was amazing and those eclairs were to die for, I found the pasta Salvi to be a little dissapointing. All I got was the marinara flavor that came with it. Did I maybe just get a bad batch?

            2. Thank you all. Sage sounds just right for this trip. I will keep the others in mind for future reference.

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                Best: Dragonfly or ZenCha.
                Also good: Spagio and Banana Bean

                Lindey's menu looks excellent and I've heard decently good things about Sage and Anna's.

              2. The Worthington Inn is located in a historic building in the Village of Worthington-quaint in a colonial way as this little town was once the capitol of the state. The buffet contains all the usual and tasty foods you would expect to see. No champagne included buy you can order drinks after noon.