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Apr 16, 2009 07:53 PM

Thai Temple Food on Sundays (Tampa area)

Just thought I'd share a piece i wrote about the nice food available every Sunday at the Tampa/Riverview Thai Buddhist Temple. There some nice photos as well. While the quality of the food varies, for the prices (and the cause), the Thai Temple is a sweet spot.

my faves include the glazed sweet potato, banana, and taro deep fried and served in paper bags. if you can find them, the shrimp fritters, for lack of a better description, are awesome: small whole shrimp (heads, shells and all) clumped in batter and fried till crispy with a nice sauce studded with fresh cucumber. don't forget the little coconut/green onion cakes/custards. The papaya salad is nice and hot, and in general i like to explore the offerings.

what kinds of experiences have local hounds had there? any favorite dishes or vendors?

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  1. Great article and I love the pictures. I am guilty of being one of the people you refer to in the article who talk about it but have never gone.

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      We have been there several times for the Loy Kratong festival (festival of light) in November - great fun! Lotus-shaped tiny candle-lit "boats" are floated in the Palm River there, and a wish is made.
      The food - as expected - is awesome, with many things cooked on the spot by members of the church. The only thing we didn't care for were the chicken gizzards on a stick :>), but still think about the amazing dessert similiar to Indian jalebi. There is also a beauty contest, where the young women are dressed to the nines, and go around the crowd seeking votes in exchange for dollars, which may be a church donation (not sure). Anyhow, it all makes for a very entertaining evening!