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Apr 16, 2009 07:38 PM

Big Sale at Glatt Kosher Kingdom

Could this be the end of Glatt Kosher Kingdom? I heard they are having 50% off everything in the store from now until tomorrow before Shabbos. The only catch is Cash only. Sounds to me like a going out of business sale. Also curious to see if The Natural Gourmet reopens. . . .

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  1. Wow, that is right. I will go tomorrow (Friday), should have already gone tonight.

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      Went there this morning. I was hesitant so I didn't shop much thinking that when I check out they would disqualify most items Bought $69 and $66.50 qualifyied - this included cerials, olive oil, peanut butter, coffees, teas, etc. I am going back with my daughter and loading up. Money in the bank folks!

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        MartyB, is Kosher Kingdom definitely going out of business?

        1. re: moonlightgraham

          Went there again, so far saved over $200 . Called up lots of friends to let them know, a great sale. My mechutan is coming in from Queens to get in the the action. I asked if they are going out of business, they said that they simply want to refresh their inventory. We will see. In the meanwhile I am enjoying the savings.

          Thanks Chowhound and thanks websterhall1994!

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            My mechutan bought close to $400 of groceries (paid almost $200). She called up a friend who came in from Queens only to be told that the sale ended at 1pm - Crock, the origional ad clearly implied that sale was to last until close on Friday. Funny that there were no signs in store that such a huge blowout sale was in progress. My mechutan said that no one around her shopping had any idea that there was a sale.

            Origional ad ->

            BLOWOUT SALE!!

            Thursday and Friday, April 16th and 17th Only

            50% off entire store merchandise.*

            Doors open Thursday night April 16th at 9:45pm AND REMAINS OPEN UNTIL TWO HOURS BEFORE SHABBAT!!

            CASH ONLY

            *Excludes Meat, Poultry and Dairy

    2. I bought school snacks for the rest of the year! Spent $77.50 on over $150 worth of stuff. The sale is only on groceries. . . no dairy, meat, poultry, produce, frozen, bakery, diapers, housewares, etc.

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        1. Glatt Kosher Kingdom is selling 1st cut Brisket for $8.99/lb. Last I looked at Gourmet Glatt they were asking $15/lb. This matches the $8.99/lb that Pik-N-Pay was charging for it. Also GKK is selling Tropicana 2/$4 ($10 min purchase) as well as Domino sugar (5lb) for $1.99. I will have to keep an eye on them. Ain't competition grand!

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