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Apr 16, 2009 07:31 PM

South Florida Jamaican?

I've lived in south Florida for less than a year. I'm no expert, but there doesn't seem to be as large a Jamaican community in Miami as I had supposed there would be. Can anyone offer some Jamaican suggestions around Miami?

Is there more of a Jamaican community in Broward or Palm Beach counties? If so, any suggestions up there? I'm looking to try a few places and not opposed to traveling a bit to try recommended places . . . where to start? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I know that there is a good Jamaican place in North Miami, unfortunately I don't know the name if it or where it is. I do know of 2 places in NW Broward, both on Oakland Park Blvd. One is Cooya Kitchen which is really good, it's right around Hiatus and Oakland. The other is the Jerk Machine, and I have not tried that place yet. I highly recommend Cooya Kitchen!

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      Thanks, looks like Cooya is the place to start. With only one reply in 72 hours I'm not optimistic on how much I'll learn here, this one might be more a case of getting started on your lead and seeing if I can uncover other suggestions there.

    2. For Jamaican BBQ, I like Cliff's.

      10740 NW 7th Ave
      Miami, FL 33168

      The Jamaican community is generally centered around the county line near I-95 and also there's a sizeable community a short bit south of Kendall.

      Broward's Jamaican community is around 441 and Miramar, I think.

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          There is a Jamacian place in Miami called the Pepper Pot right across the street from MDC north campus on NW 27 Ave and 108th. It is a hole in the wall, but with really good jerk chicken. If I am not mistaken, there is another restaurant on the same street, but I cant remember the name.

      1. Irie Isle has really good food. The have all the favorites---jerk chicken and pork, brown stew chicken and fish, and other standards. I go for the tofu dishes which they do quite well. They have only counter service take out, though. Nice staff, very clean facilities. I know of 2 locations--in North Miami Beach at NE 163 Street near the cloverleaf; and a wee bit north in Pembroke Pines at Palm Ave. and Pembroke Rd.

        Another is JahNet's which has several places in North Dade and South Broward. Again very good food, though like most Jamaican restaurants they do not venture from the standards.

        Island in the Pines located at Pines and University in Pembroke Pines is probably the very best in the area. It has a welcoming and mirthful decor for dining in and delicious food--including breakfast.

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          Donnas Caribbean, @ Pine Island & Sunrise, authentic and exstreamly busy, great jerk,and stew fish.

        2. definetley jamaican kitchen. not only was it on food network but the place is run by asian jamaicans (asians born in jamaica with jamaican accents, quite a site to see), the food is also amazing. a little slow but worth the wait

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              Please post a follow-up report after you have sampled some of the different places.

              The only one of the places mentioned that I've been to so far was Cliff's, and I was very disappointed with the flavors. (I've only been there once. Hopefully it was just an off night.)

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                From the info on another foodie site, the address of Jamaica Kitchen is 8736 SW 72nd St (Sunset Dr), just west of Galloway Rd (and just east of the Don Shula Expy). Website with menu and pics of dishes at
                I haven't been there as yet.

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                  I tried Jamaica Kitchen last night. It's a small shop tucked away in the corner of a small shopping center. Had the jerk pork with white rice, which they covered with sauce from the pork. The pork tasted different from other jerk porks that I have had in the past, but it was very good and worth a repeat. (Certainly better than the jerk I had at Cliff's.) I was a little worried that there wouldn't be enough food in the order, judging by pictures of the dishes on their website; but the amount of food in the large order I had was more than enough.

                  Very nice lady behind the counter.
                  There are maybe a couple of small tables -- it's mostly a takeout counter. Apart from the food from the kitchen, they also sell products like jerk sauces, rum cake, soda bread, dried sorrel leaves, spices, and Ting, of course.

            2. Irie Isle and Kingston Delight on 163rd are two of the best places to go in the Miami area. Try any of the soups at Kingston, they are delicious but they usually run out by the time dinner is finished.

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                THANKS EVERYONE for the good suggestions, I've got some places to check out, appreciate the help.