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Apr 16, 2009 07:04 PM

What to Do with Fresh Almonds

Fairway has these gorgeous little sprouts of spring.

Apparently they are fresh Almonds (fuzzy and greenish on the outside, white--I think-- on the inside)

Any Ideas for what to do with them other than decorate a table top?


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  1. You can eat the whole thing if they're nice and fresh- maybe put a little salt on them. Was introduced to this by a Turkish friend. They are tart and like nothing else I've ever tasted. And isn't the color divine? What a wonderful green, want a dress that color for Spring.

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    1. re: buttertart

      Yep, exactly, that's I ate them growing up too in that region that your friend is from.
      However I gotta say we ate loads of salt with those things, probably not healthy at all, I mean biting a piece off and dipping it in a pile or salt, not good.
      Season them a bit and enjoy!

    2. I'm intrigued.... I eat almonds everyday!! I love the flavor of them, and would love to try fresh almonds. Where is this fairway you speak of?

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      1. re: kubasd

        Fairway has 2 locations in Manhattan, 1 in Brooklyn and one on Long Island.

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          And, as of a few weeks ago, one in Paramus, New Jersey.

      2. I'm so glad you asked. I've been staring at them wondering how you peel them and if you have to toast them. Wouldn't in a million years have occurred to me you could just eat them as is. Who'da thunk?

        ETA: There are a number of Fairway markets in the tri-state area. I've seen them at the one in Manhattan on Broadway @ 75th. I'm guessing that's where plumtart saw them as well.

        1. Wait, you eat the green fuzzy part too?

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          1. re: Guenevere

            Yep, the whole thing is edible. The almond itself inside is very thin (like a sliced almond slice thick). If you were to peel it you would have nothing left!