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Apr 16, 2009 06:18 PM

Staying near the TO airport area- looking for good eats

I will be in toronto for a few days soon and im looking for good eats - indian - pizza ,wings - mexican- i am open - where should i go after a long day of meetings for good food - some thing i should not miss?????????

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  1. There is the most amazing gem with wonderful roti's in a West Indian Grocery store around the Value Villiage. It's near Woodbine Downs Blvd and Hwy 7. I remember there was a coffee Time in the same complex. I just tried finding out where it is for the last half an hour (sorry I have a brain fart right now). 2 ladies in a small kitchen doing up the tastiest dishes ever. Sorry not much help.

    1. good luck to you. there's a whole lot of nothing up there.
      i worked there for 2 years.
      there are lots of threads about restos on or near Airport Rd. take a peek.

      but otherwise, the only good places would be Brar Sweets (10 min away) - veggie indian that is incredibly tasty. um..otherwise, there is NOTHING great.

      1. My fav by far is Lykin Chicken. Here is a recent thread about them which includes their website and address.

          1. Grand for dim sum, absolutely, one of the best in the city. For your 24-hour diner needs, Zet's is a good bet. I just had a great chicken souvlaki plate there.