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Apr 16, 2009 05:45 PM

FIG St. Pete Beach

Anyone been to FIG Fresh International Grill in St. Pete Beach? It's where Bruno's was for years, on 75th near Blind Pass. Laura Reilly, the St. Pete Times restaurant critic, has a blog post asking for favorite Pinellas beach restaurants, and a couple people mention this place FIG. Fairly new.
I like fresh. figs, too. Anyone?

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  1. friends went and liked it...the fig stands for fresh ingredients and something else

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      maybe not, but i love love love fresh figs

    2. This is second-hand info on the food and first-hand info on the building: Our friends also ate there, and really enjoyed it. As for the building, we used to own it! Ours was a British restaurant there, and we sold the biz to Bruno. If you do go, parking is in the back, off the street.