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Apr 16, 2009 05:33 PM

Best View for Diamonds

I'm looking for the best restaurant at which to propose to my incredible girlfriend! My criteria are: very good to great food, incredible views, excellent service (will need to help me present the diamond with dessert), and last but not least: lighting that makes diamonds sparkle!


(I'm guessing, anybody know, that diamonds look best under multiple small halogen-type lights??)

(oh, i'll add another criteria: great desserts are a big plus. Creme brulee and macaroon cookies are some of her fav's)

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  1. It's too bad L'Orangerie is closed - that's where My husband proposed, and also presented me with more diamonds on our 9th anniversary. But alas.........

    As other CHers know, I'm partial to Ortolan on W. 3rd - wonderful food, service, etc. and a gorgeous room with chandeliers - not halogens. If you let them know when you make your reservation re: the occasion, I'm sure they will be happy to oblige & make it extra special.

    The only place you're going to find the best lighting for diamonds is in a jewelry store!!!

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      I wonder if Tiffany's will let me cater a dinner? Dinner at Tiffany's!

      I'm sure I've been to restaurants with high ceilings and spot lighting. I wonder if that would be good for my purposes... though, chandeliers sounds more romantic.

    2. I ditto the Ortolan reco. I think it's the most romantic restaurant in LA & the food is fabulous. When my fiance proposed it was on our doorstep after a casual dinner down the street ---- if he had planned something special/fancy I would have immediately suspected something & he wanted to be a surprise which it definitely was :-). Congrats & good luck!

      1. Bel Air Hotel has a great food and impeccable service. Even better, you can spend the night there!!!

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        1. Update: I ended up proposing at home, TV night, after dancing to Dancing with the Stars. :)

          But thanks for the Rec's. We'll have to try Ortolan sometime!