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Really good brunch in or near center city - non-hotel

We just love the brunch at Four Seasons and Lacroix - for ultra special occassion. We are going out to brunch with another couple and looking to do something else though- possible non-buffet. Any favorites with really good food and classy ambience? Anything that has some more unique or special dishes?

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  1. I would have to say that my favorite places to have brunch are Continental Mid-town and Jones. Yes, they can get very noisy, but I think that they have just the right amount of mixture between familiar and unusual dishes and a wonderful environment to eat and have fun with my friends/family.

    1. consider Fork in Old City on Market they do a nice brunch

      1. I really enjoy Beau Monde's brunch. They add breakfast items to their standard crepe menu for folks who want breakfast, but my favorite is some variation on a smoked trout crepe - variation because any item can be added to any crepe (and they offer suggested combos)

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          I used to also enjoy Beau Monde (and their bloody mary's), but after hearing reports from friends, and actually walking by saturday night (on our way to S&H Kebab) and looking at their menu outside, their prices seem to have drastically increased. I used to be able to get the roquefort and bacon mushroom crepe for like $13, but i saw that the price is now $20.

          sadly, i think i have to cross this off my list of favorite brunch places.

        2. It's probably too late for you, but I just read that Kanella is going to start serving brunch again starting this weekend.

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              Parc would be a good choice for what you're looking for. I went there recently for breakfast and although I actually wanted to hate it (not a huge Stephen Starr fan), I enjoyed it. Sitting outside in nice weather would be ideal but it was also very nice inside, with good food and service.

              Also, I've never been for brunch, but Cochon, a French BYO in Queen Village, also offers brunch on the weekends.

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                I had brunch at Parc a few months ago with some friends and it was very good. One of the better brunches I have had in Philly. The bread was very fresh and all of our food and cocktails were delcious. One of the few restaurants that can actually make a good omelet. I would definitely recommend it. Service was also good. I would also recommend Tinto. It is a $25 prix fixe, but you get three courses with excellent choices.

            2. I would recommend Supper, they do a nice brunch and its a really lovely space.

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                I would second Supper. I just went there yesterday for brunch for the first time for Mother's Day (we have been several times for dinner, but never for brunch). It was incredibly good. Relaxed, great food and wine. I don't even like eggs but their version of eggs benedict was out of this world. Great bloody marys, too.