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Apr 16, 2009 05:12 PM

Taste of the UWS?

Has anyone been before? Is it worth the money?


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  1. i can't imagine that it would be, as i live in the neighborhood, and, as a New Yorker, i find the UWS embarassing in it's lack of good food...

    but hope springs eternal, so i'd be interested to hear of people who have gone and what they've eaten...

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    1. re: Simon

      Simon - consider yourself lucky you haven't been living here for much much longer! It's wayyyyyyyyyyy better than ever.

      Not that I'd shell out the $$ for an event like this..

      1. re: harrison

        well, at least we have Cafe's become my happy default-choice...over the last few months i've been impressed by how consistent, comfy, tasty, and welcoming it is there...(went there today solo for some lamb meatballs, shepherd salad, and a glass of rose and it was the perfect spring lunch...

    2. Curious to hear what others think as we did have a fleeting thought about attending this year.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Went last year to the event, and it was okay. Good group of restaurants which were yet to open were represented there. Most places had their head chefs there for a bit, I spoke with Cesare Cassela, Ed brown and Jon Fraser for a while, and saw Daniel Boulod as well. Each place had one dish they presented, and they were set up on the outside of the tents. We could get multiple tastes at each place, and no one ran out of food, which was a nice change. Wine and Beer were in the middle of the tent, and were mostly from north fork, and had a good range of choices. It was an enjoyable event, could have used more seating, but overall a nice day. We are contemplating going again this year, but haven't purchased tickets yet.