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Apr 16, 2009 03:16 PM

Outdoor cafe w/ great food CPW?

Hi! Looking for recommendations for a 3rd date on saturday afternoon. We are both big food lovers...first "date" was actually Bouchon in vegas, so looking for a something really delicious (open to all cuisines) close to the park for a stroll afterwards with outdoor space, something charming if at all possible. help?!

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  1. You could do a light meal at Wine and Roses or Salumeria Rossi or something more substantial at Cafe Ronda. Both are near the park and provide the chance for a nice walk down Columbus to get dessert at Magnolia.

    1. Bar Boulud has a large outdoor dining area. Not exactly charming since it's on busy B'way, b/t 64th & 65th. However, it's worth going there especially for the superb charcuterie. And the bistro dishes are not too shabby either.

      1. Opposite Lincoln Center a block from the park is Cafe Fiorello -- the thin crust mixed mushroom pizza is heaven for bruch. The big umbrellas over the tables help to make it seem like you're not on Broadway but at a big tent party. This is a great weekend for the park, everything is colorful and in bloom, take your camera!