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Apr 16, 2009 02:52 PM

Here's the plan ..comments?

Day 1 and 2 dinner alone at Fontaine de Mars and Le Clarisse then Husband joins
Day 3 pending
Day 4 L'Arome ( known and loved)
Day 5 Le Georges at Pompidou ( friends choice)
Day 6 Les Terrines
Day 7 L'Auberge Bressane
Day 8 Itineraires
Day 9 Glou
Day 10 Apicius
Only familiar with L'Arome and Fontaine de Mars and asked concierge to mix it up for us....thoughts? Staying in apartment in 7th and looking forward to neighborhood and especially Rue Cler Thanks

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  1. Since you're staying in that neighborhood, go to brasserie Thoumieux, an old classic. It's also a place where one can eat alone comfortably. It's a few blocks east of La Fontaine de Mars on Rue St-Dominique. La Fontaine is a nice place, too, run by the ever charming Mme Boudon. (seems to be a bit under construction).

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      Thourmieux is now owned by the Costes Bros with Piege as the new Chef - it will be interesting to see how it has changed.

      1. re: rjkaneda

        That is interesting indeed, but why skip Chez l'Ami Jean if you're in the neighbourhood?

        Also I'd put in a vote against Apicius -- you'll have a lot of bistrot food already and this is exactly what it is, only with gigantic resources and fine dining prices. While this is probably the nicest setting in town for a restaurant, I would still argue that you deserve better for your only splurge meal.

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          Thanks Souphie We are very fond of Hiramatsu and Dominique Bouchet and thought that Apicius would be similar if not a step up....what would you recommend as an alternative ?? What do you think of Glou that is getting wildly divergent reviews ..

          1. re: capeanne

            What do you like best about Hiramatsu and Bouchet? If it is the highly precise revisitation of French classics the way Hiramatsu does it, then I'd say try Stella Maris. But maybe it also has to do with the setting, the service, the originality? In general, my recommendation tends to be le Cinq, a gorgeous place with wonderful service and wine list and an extraordinary chef (who admittedly has a hard time ensuring quality when he's not there -- I suspect the staff is a pain).

            I haven't been to Glou. It seems like a very food-trendy place, i.e. with good ingredients.

            1. re: souphie

              We are likely to do le Cinq thanks to your recommendations for a lunch probably on the day where we do not have a dinner reservation ...and we liked Hiramatsu ( one visit) for yes the wonderful food and the elegant but not pretentious atmosphere. We have been to Dominque Bouchet 3-4 times now and think the prix fixe is a tremendous value and find the room more relaxed yet somehow special. We were not as enthused at Table Robuchon or Table Lancaster ...I had planned a solo visit some time ago that didnt happen but recall Stella Maris as being on my list. Probably much more fun with my Husband Thank you and we will be back early May and I will report on all but especially Glou and Terrines which I understand are fairly new to the scene

      2. You might check out Les Coteaux de Tannay, 94 blvd de la Tour Maubourg (the old Le Maupertu site); when I walked by last fall the prices seemed quite high, especially for lunch. But now they are offering prix-fixe menus that start at 20E for lunch and go up to 23E and 29E.

        1. Excellent choice of La Fontaine de Mars for a solo dinner - of all the places I ate by myself in Paris, the staff there was the most unimaginably wonderful.