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Where to buy quince?

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I love getting cheese platters at restaurants but when Im at home its not the same because Im missing the quince. Is there somewhere I can buy the ones they have in restaurants in the Mid La area?

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  1. I assume you mean quince paste? Fresh quince is only available a few months a year and isn't usually eaten raw, I don't think. It should be available at any gourmet market -- Cube, Surfas, Monsieur Marcel, Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills, Whole Foods, etc. I even found some at a much lower price at Fresh 'n Easy.

    1. saw them at Whole Foods last year. They're not in season now.

      1. Bought some from Whole Foods 2 weeks ago

        1. Any Persian market will have them. Just saw some at Star market on SM blvd. west of Bundy.

          1. saw them at Jons market for $1 something a lb

            1. Quince paste is at Bristol Farms, but much cheaper at Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica.

              1. The absolute cheapest place to buy quince paste is at Vallarta, Superior or El Super (Mexican markets), with locations all over LA. The Spanish words are "ate de membrillo", pronounced approximately "AH-tay day mem-BREE-yoh".

                Fresh quinces are just about out of season and will soon only be available shipped in From Away with price tags and quality declined to match.