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Apr 16, 2009 01:53 PM

looking for a fun interactive dining experience for a coed sweet sixteen, that has good food and fun entertainment, open on sundays

help, having a hard time finding a fun interactive and entertaining dining experience in Los Angeles. What do you think of Miceli's.

we want to be entertained


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  1. I'm sorry, this so reeks of the "Entertain Us" line in the Nirvana song. Take some 16-year-olds to the Grand Central Market. Or the Farmer's Market. Or out to the SGV for dim sum or XLB or soup noodles. Anything but the usual theme-park mass-food gunk.

      1. Uwink. They have computers at the tables. Or Medieval Times. Although the dim sum in china town idea is brilliant! What about a birthday gospel brunch at the House of Blues? Or Bennihana's? Or take them to Korean BBQ, or Japanese Shabu Shabu, where they can do the cooking themselves.

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          sorry to rain on these suggestions but...
          -I'd highly highly highly advise against UWink. i had an *awful* experience there last month.
          -most sixteen year olds will think medieval times is lame, and they will likely mock the show and depending upon the group, may egg each other own to mess up the show

          --i'd say C&O Trattoria is a better choice than Miceli's if you want to go in that style.

          --how big of a party? if it's a small coed group, you could do something like Moun-of-Tunis or Dar Maghreb... but it depends how open they are to cuisine, as well as the interest in that type of food.

          --Palms Thai could be fun and interactive with the Thai Elvis - that might be a safer suggestion than Middle Eastern

          --Musha would also be a good one in SaMo if you have a small enough group to fit in the back room

          1. re: Emme

            thanks for the suggestions: it's about 20 sixteen year olds, have you heard of Tokyo Deleve in north hollywood?

            Miceli's was a little boring (checked it out).
            the Moroccan cuisine never gets eaten.
            What's your favorite Korean bbq