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Apr 16, 2009 01:52 PM

Le Creuset in Blue?

Can anyone give me some expert feedback on the difference in Le Creuset enameled cast iron ovens in the color blue (and not Caribbean) in the U.S.. I have a lot of "blue" Le Creuset enamleled cast iron but I have a tough time figuring out the actual names of the colors they've had over the years and how to tell the differences in them. I know the current color is Cobalt Blue. And the Williams-Sonoma exclusive blue color is Azure Blue (gradated blue).

I have some older pieces in a solid dark blue called "Electric Blue". And I've bought several pieces claiming to be French Blue, Provence Blue and older Williams-Sonoma Blue. I also have one piece in a very dark, almost purple blue that is even darker than electric blue.

Does anyone have any actual idea on how to correctly tell the differences or know where I can find this info? Thanks.

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  1. Contact le creuset...they will be able to tell you

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      I did contact them but they were not any help.

    2. The Electric Blue was Williams Sonoma Blue. I think the French Blue and Provence Blue are the same. That was LC's basic blue just called Blue. The dark one might be Indigo. Then there was Harmonic Blue with was similar to Cobalt but a bit lighter and more solid I think. Then there was Satin blue which was more of a robin's egg blue. Azure has a bit of turquoise in it, while Cobalt is a bit deeper with a violet tinge to it.

      Google the color names to get an idea of what they look like.

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        Thanks Blondelle. I'm having a hard time distinguishing between (French) Blue, Provence Blue and Harmonic Blue in my collection. I guess there are worse problems to have.

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          I think the Provence and French Blues might be the same. They were medium solid blues with no shading with a touch of green in the blue. I haven't seen the Harmonic blue in person. I think someone said it was shaded and a bit lighter than the Cobalt. Maybe calling one of the outlet stores where they sold them recently would be helpful.

      2. Le Creuset produced a very popular color of blue called Blue 09, for about 25+ years. Blue 09 was discontinued 3 years ago. All LC products are identified by numbers for each color, and numbers for each size (18 = 2 qts, 20 = 2.75 qts).