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Apr 16, 2009 01:37 PM

Lunch near Fox

I work at Fox and am constantly yearning for better lunch options than what's on Lot. (i will say, though, that Fox lunch is more than edible. Except the one time they had Dodger Dogs. Those are always gross.) But, there are requirements:

1. I have an hour, 1:15 for lunch, so driving and eating must be feasible in this time. We're talking close-by in Culver, the Pico and Robertson area, SM Blvd,
2. I am not an exec, so no Grill on the Alley. $10 and under.
3. No chains, though you'd think on Chowhound that would go without saying.
4. Taco Trucks are always welcome.
5. Westwood Village and little Tehran are a little too far. Although on early Friday's skipping out for Ab Goosht at Attari gets a yum.

Places I've already been:

1. Cemita Poblana truck on Pico near Overland. Deelish, but they seem to be out of papalo.
2. Tara's Himilayan: Fine.
3. Simpang Asia: excellent.
4. Monte Alban: Goatlicious. A little far.
5. Hole in the Wall Burger: too salty. pretzel bread was tasty, though.
6. Kay and Dave's: Mexican food should come from trucks. Or at least Mexican restaurants.
7. Haifa, Nagilla, are all fine but not spectacular.
8. Mayura: After many visits, I've decided it's best to go with a dosa of some sort.
9. Clementines: I am not a lady, so I can only get so excited over salads and muffins.
10. El Rincon Criollo: Yes yes, garlic pork. Solid. I do love the little coconut candies they give at the end, though.

Thanks to all!

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  1. maybe Tender Greens or Cafe Surfas in CC?

    there's also Fresh Corn Grill in Westwood - it's south of the village so you won't get snarled up in the chaos there.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      i will try this tender greens--have heard good things. i am never really full from salad, though.

      surfa's is excellent, but it does carry the risk of coming home with impulse-buy duck products. mmmm, quackie.

      1. re: Rosiepigs

        LOL :) you're right about Surfas - i used to blow way too much money in there. man i miss that place...

    2. You and I could share a lot of the same rotation. Here are some of my ideas:

      Philly West -- divy bar on the east side of Westwood Blvd. just south of Santa Monica Blvd. A good philly cheesesteak, and an even better burger, flame-grilled, served on the same sort of roll. Either just over $6. Free parking in the shared lot around the corner in the back.

      Harvey's -- Sub shop on the corner of Motor and Palms, serves a good pastrami or burger, and an even better rice plate. Inexpensive combos.

      Thai Boom -- north side of Venice at Midvale, between Overland and Sepulveda -- I usually go for lunch combos, but maybe not here if you are with friends. Get chicken, shrimp and eggplant dishes, avoid the beef. Great, friendly service.

      Hu's Szechwan -- National where it turns, near Sampang -- great lunch combos, soup, Chinese chicken salad and entree. Get the kung pao chicken or twice-cooked pork, not the sweet'n'sour or chop suey. Huge lunch for under $10 including tax & tip.

      Feast from the East -- west side of Westwood south of Santa Monica Blvd. -- My favorite Chinese chicken salad with a light gingery dressing. I like it much better than the richer, more expensive California Chicken Cafe, which a lot of others love. I used to love Zankou, before they screwed me over a garlic paste serving.

      El Super Taco - a storefront removed from Monte Alban -- cheap tacos with spicy habanero salsa from their bar, though most regulars order tortas from their press. I like Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica better, especially for their hot sauce, and Taqueria Sanchez, down on Centinela below Washington in Culver City, for shrimp tacos.

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      1. re: nosh

        Does Harvey's or Philly West make a good sub (hoagie, grinder, italian, etc)? bay cities is way too far, so something closer would be nice.

        1. re: Rosiepigs

          philly west makes some good hoagies. the best hoagie that i haave ever tried in the LA environs is the Great Grinder joint in Signal Hill, a few blocks outside of Long Beach.

          1. re: kevin

            Philly West does a good hoagie, and the free shared parking lot in the back makes them doable at lunch. I have only had the hot pastrami or Philly cheesesteak at Harvey's, and part of why I like them are the hot, crisp generous fries that come with the combo. Note -- I haven't tried it, but in looking around the thing to order there might be the grilled meat rice plates, I don't know if they are teriyaki or not, but they look big and delicious. (S/W corner of Motor and Palms.) I'm ready to get flamed for this, but one of the last remaining Togo's is just north of Venice Blvd. on the west side of that complex with the Albertson's -- they have been selling a daily special 6-inch sub for $3.99 -- Monday is hot pastrami, I think Wednesday is the Italian. Chips and a soda for less that two bucks more. One last excellent possibility is Victor Jr.'s, on the north side of Washington across from the studio in Culver City. The roll is on the softer side, their meatballs are smaller and firmer than Bay Cities, they do an excellent eggplant parm, and they are known for their grinders. The "Philly" there is more like a warm roast beef hoagie, but they are fun and friendly and well worth trying.

      2. Food on Pico - prepared salads and whatnot as well as orderables - you can also pre-order and pick up or sit

        You could hit Factor's Deli on Pico

        I know you have opinions on Mexican, but Eduardo's at Santa Monica Blvd and Westwood is really good, clean and fast

        1. I love the food at the Main Course, which is on Pico near Patricia, about five blocks from Fox. Everything is made from scratch on the premises. It's warm comfort food with an emphasis on turkey. I recommend the turkey meatloaf, the pasta dishes and a salmon in marinara sauce they serve. It's small and not fancy but the prices are quite reasonable. Very good soups, too.

          Main Course
          10509 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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          1. re: Hackenbush

            For years I pass by this place, Main Course, and have so far not tried it. Something about the wacky decor from outside and possible rec room atmosphere has more than deterred me.

            1. re: kevin

              The Main Course is known for its Thanksgiving real turkey dinner or lunch served all year round carved from real birds. They did some advertising with Elmer Dills and Merrill Schindler almost two decades ago, and things haven't changed much. It is just convenient and good enough that it gets sufficient take-out and delivery business to the affluent and older neighborhood nearby that it survives in a land of mom & pop businesses, such as Rancho Park Pharmacy nearby.

              1. re: nosh

                I tried the Main Course today. It was good. Fine? I had the turkey meatloaf sandwich special with a cup of soup. A good deal at $8.50 as I'm full from half the sandwich and the whole cup of soup. Nothing spectacular, though--like good diner food. My guess is that they're Eastern European of some sort so I'd get a better sense of the place from trying the lamb shank or the stuffed cabbages. I guess I'd go back.

                1. re: Rosiepigs

                  No, no, no...not the turkey meatloaf at the Main Course, the roast turkey! Did your sandwich at least come with mashed potatoes and gravy?

          2. I will follow this thread with great interest as I happen to be on the lot doing a temp dub for a few weeks. Mike and I have already discovered Simpang (awesome! been twice) and Clementines which is a disco but has pretty swell sandwiches. Have even done Mark's truck on the lot for breakfast burritos and green sauce.

            Tell me more about the Cemitas Poblana truck...which corner? Let me know if you want to carpool.

            - BIM

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            1. re: BIM

              The truck mentioned in the original post is easy to find -- it is parked virtually all day on the north side of Venice Blvd. next to the Smart & Final, a bit east of Overland not far from Motor. At least that is the truck I'm thinking was referred to, the name being similar and that truck being perhaps the best known and regarded on the westside and not near the coast.

              1. re: nosh

                Ooh, maybe there are two good trucks in that area! The one I frequent I found referenced elsewhere as the WaMu Truck, as it's near the WaMu on Overland and Pico. Of late, though, it's on the side street off Pico near the Pep Boys. I recommend the cemitas (the front of the truck says "Cemitas Poblanas"), but the tacos aren't stellar. well, i think the carnitas was good.