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Apr 16, 2009 01:36 PM

Way too vinegar-y barbeque sauce. any suggestions?

Okay, so I decided to make some homemade bbq sauce. I followed a recipe written down for me that I've tasted before and liked. Mine tastes like vinegar city. Any ideas on how to mellow it out? This is going to, hopefully, end up slow cooking some chicken tonight for pulled bbq sandwiches. Thanks.

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  1. what are some of the other ingredients? you can probably just increase other elements to balance it out...

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      ketchup, brown sugar(all i had was light brown), cola, chili powder, hot sauce(i had texas pete), lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, garlic, onion(i think i might have used too much too). i increased the brown sugar, ketchup, and cola. no help.

      1. re: Jeepluv77

        Baking soda is used by some people to neutralize the acid in tomato sauce; it should do the same for vinegar. When I tried it - I think about a scant tsp to 3 qts of sauce - it did neutralize the acid but also made the flavor dull, so I had to increase the garlic, and added tomato paste.

        1. re: Jeepluv77

          if the hot sauce was vinegar based you may have just make it worse- check the ingredients on all the additions you make if they're multiple ingredients themselves, like a sauce!.

          Try quartering a russet-type potato and cook it up in the sauce- not sure if it will absorb enough vinegar to make it worthwhile but it's worth a shot.

      2. Add some honey or molasses - balance the vinegar with sweet.

        1. Am I wrong to assume that you could just simmer the sauce and the acid would gradually weaken?