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Lardo and Caul fat

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  • tchad Apr 16, 2009 01:05 PM
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Does anyone know where to get either of these delectable items? Thanks.

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  1. Lardo, maybe, at Cube/Divine Pasta on La Brea near Melrose. Please keep us informed of your progress. One other place, try Huntington Meats in The Farmers Market, 3rd & Fairfax.

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      Cube has lardo from Salumi Salame in Seattle. They call it their "white prosciutto" and it is utterly delicious.

    2. In addition, use the search engine, and you'll find, among other things:




      1. Haven't made it out to Cube yet this week, but I was able to find decent caul fat in the freezer section at Bristol Farms in South Pasadena--they've got tons of it.

        Salumi's overrated but I'll withhold judgment until I try their lardo.


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          Got to tell you, Salumi's Lomo is excellent, I like the house salami, the winter, the mole was good but seemed a little dry. I got to tell you, I still love some basic Gallo & Molinari's. There is this one salami at Claro's, salami & prosciutto in one, very nice.