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PHX - Thai Restaurant Week thru 4/19/09

Since this week is officially Phoenix's first "Thai Restaurant Week" to support local Thai restaurants (info below), I wanted to try a couple of places. Anyone been to Siam Thai in Glendale recently? We're going to finally try Bangkok Thai BBQ in Glendale (haven't been since it was Chanpen), but was hoping to visit another, and would love some recommendations for personal favorites from the listed restaurants at the link below.

While E likes to order the usuals (satay, spring rolls, pad thai, etc), I'm looking for good preps of some of my favorites, like miang kum, larb, woon sen, som tum/papaya salad, beef salads, and especially fresh whole fish, and great duck dishes. And since the season just started, would love to know a place that does fresh soft shell crabs. Will travel. Thanks!!


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  1. Rubee-

    wild thaiger is really good, might not be authentic enough for you and I haven't been in years...

    Thai basil is great as well but have only been the location in Tempe.

    Pretty cool event I will have to check it out this weekend!

    1. Swaddee Thai is my favorite in the Valley. Cannot vouch for the Scottsdale location, only the Chandler.

      Wild Thaiger sometimes gets panned on this board, but a friend of mine went on a two-and-a-half week tour of Thailand and Vietnam with Chef Hasadinratana, and my husband has attended a cooking class at the restaurant, and he makes curries that bring tears to my eyes. They handled my wedding rehearsal dinner, came off beautifully. I love their beef salad and hot pots; but I do not think Wild Thaiger does whole fish nor duck. (Swaddee does.) But it's not all pedestrian, they do keep wild boar on the menu.

      1. I went to Siam Thai in Glendale a few weeks ago and was very pleased. The green papaya salad, one of the dishes I use to benchmark Thai restaurants, was fiery and not overly sweet as at some other places.

        Had no idea Chanpen had changed its name.

        I like Wild Thaiger, Thai Elephant, Thai Rama, Thai Basil well enough, but frequent them mostly because of their central locations. The west side places impress me just a bit more.

        I recently had a lunch at Osha Thai in northeast Scottsdale and liked it a great deal. I'd have to go back for dinner to form a thorough opinion, though.

        1. Bangkok Thai and Siam Thai are both excellent in terms of their food. I visit one or the other almost on a weekly basis (i.e. went to Bangkok Thai yesterday). Food preparation time can be a bit long at Bangkok, so we frequently call ahead to place our order, even if dining in. My Thai co-worker also vouches for both of these places...

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            Thanks everyone for all the great recs! Much appreciated. Though it looks like I won't make it this week after all (have to work late and on Sat too), this is a nice list for future visits.

          2. What isn't clear, is what kind of specials these various Thai restaurants are offering. I appreciate that this thread has turned into a review of local Thai restaurants, but it is deviating fast from what the title intends.

            Anyone have any info on what kind of specials are being offered in connection with this promotion. The press release (linked by original poster), certainly offers no specifics.

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              I just got back from dinner at Thai Rama (Camelback Rd. location); there was a poster for Thai restaurant week on display, but when I asked about specials, I was told none were offered. We enjoyed Thai Rama's typical semi-Americanized, Chinese-influenced Thai food on its own terms, but I was slightly disappointed that we didn't have the opportunity to try something new.

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                Bangkok Thai is supposedly offering complimentary tamarind juice (need to ask for it though).

              2. Dad and I went to Thai Basil last night for dinner. Although we had a nice dinner with just a small service hiccup, the only thing denoting a "Thai Restaurant Week" was a big banner in the window and a chance to win a trip to Thailand for filling out a pointless survey. No out of the ordinary specials or discounts.

                Looking closely at the details of the contest, the form indicated there would be a drawing for the winner in Los Angeles next month by some large company.


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                1. re: Seth Chadwick

                  That's disappointing.

                  One of the CHs in Boston mentioned 20-30 Thai restaurants were promoting 10% off their entire menus, in addition to individual specials, so I guess it was different in various cities. I'm surprised the Phoenix area Thai restaurants didn't do more for Restaurant Week.

                  1. re: Rubee

                    This "Thai Week" Promotion disappoints me as well. We had dinner at Krua last Friday (it is actually our regular place, so we didn't go specifically to participate in the promotion).

                    My wife asked if there were any specials, and she was greeted with a less than enthusiastic response. Basically, it looks like none of the restaurants are actually doing anything special for the restaurant week.

                    It is disappointing to me that this promotion turned out to be nothing more than a press release listing all the Thai restaurants in the Valley. It could have (and should have) been so much more.