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Apr 16, 2009 12:58 PM

Bar along Via Veneto???

For DH's big birthday night in Rome, my current plan is for a booking at Al Ceppo at 9pm. We're also going to Galleria Borghese during the 5-7pm timeslot. In between, i was thinking of stopping somewhere for cocktails. Not really sure if there are nice bars/lounges in the Parioli area. So right now, my plan is to perhaps stop in somewhere along Via Veneto. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. The terrace bar upstairs in the hotel Eden, via Ludovisi, just off via Veneto, is simply beautiful and very elegant. Failing that I'd go to another hotel rather than a bar on via Veneto. I think the Majestic also has a beautiful bar, but the Eden has charm plus a superb view.

    1. You can't beat the canal side bar at the Gritti Palace. And if the weather isn't cooperating inside is pretty nice too.

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        But it's in Venice. The question was for Rome.

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          Thanks Maureen. I was starting to look up Gritti Palace and wondered why Venice kept coming up.

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            My apologies. I guess I just have Venice on the brain.

        2. Harry's Bar on via veneto