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Apr 16, 2009 12:50 PM

porto san stefano/italy

what please are your favorite places to eat around porto san stefano please-thanks

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  1. we are going to be in porto san stephano in July and were hoping to find some recommendation on this site. have you found any recommendations anywhere else? did you go and return so that you can provide a recommendation to me? thanks if you can!!!

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      Here's an article from the New York Times dated 6/7/09 about Tuscan coast:

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        To Mnosyne, Thanks!! are you Frank the author? how did you email a link on the 6th t for an article that was dated the 7th? quite ahead of your time!!! I'd read another NY Times Article from awhile back about a place in Maramma (my spelling might be off) called La Pineda and was hoping someone might have been there to echo the positive sentiments in that article.

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          LOL No I'm not Frank the author. I just happened to stay up late (in LA) last night and picked it up on the 'net. Some years back we spent a week at Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola in Monte Argentario and had a great time. I remember it fondly.

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            Btw, la Pineta in Marina di Bibbona is still a very good fish place, directly on the beach.

      2. If you mean Porto Santo Stefano in the Maremma, then yes I can help. We've had a place in Cala Piccola for 40 years. As the NYT article mentions, Da Orlando is quite good. For excellent pizza & regional dishes, I highly recommend Il Foro (hard to find, it's on the road that runs along the side of the descent into the town, right at the dockside). DO NOT eat at L'Argentario no matter who tells you: once Siro left it went downhill. For a bit more "fancy" food, travel up the Campone out of town to La Fontanina; a bit more refined but they served me the best piece of Chianone porterhouse I've had in my life last summer.

        If you can, go to Il Cacciatore in Orbetello Scalo, on the Aurelia. That place is amazing!

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          BAFU, if you happen to see this thread, we are going to be spending the first week of July in a rented apt. near Cala Piccola. I'd love any more food tips you could give. We have two daughters, 4 and 7. They are generally well behaved, but we won't be seeking out super high end restaurants. The other thing is, I like seafood, but last year we stayed in a shore town in Puglia and I must admit, but the end of the week, I'd had about enough of it. So if you know of any places that also have decent meat dishes, I'd welcome the suggestions. Thanks!

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            I have put up some restaurants on the Restaurant Page in the area of Porto San Stefano.

            Its not very user friendly but I find it is easiest to find options in a broader geographic area this way: if you put in Porto San Stefano,IT in the Restaurant search, it will generate a short list. Click on one of the restaurants, like this
            Go to the map.. Click find restaurants nearby and then the box that says search in map. You can zoom on the map to a larger or smaller area and move around - the list of restaurants will change.

            Not so far inland to some stuning places with - meat.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Jen - In early Oct. we're probably going to pick some friends up outside of Rome at the end of their cruise (the port in Civitavecchia) and drive them to Florence for a few days. We're considering the shore route up to Pisa then over. Your opinion.... is it worth the extra miles? No overnights but they're getting in early morning & we dont have to be in Florence till night, so there's reasonable time for sightseeing. We'll be driving them back to Rome after Florence and we'll go thru Chianti then, so I'm not concerned about them missing that route, just about whether or not that part of the shoreline is worth doing. Drop me an e-mail... my address is on my home page here (martinowitz at aol) if you dont mind. Thanks. Steve R. (fellow Bklynite)

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                I have not actually driven that route - its autostrada so it should be fast - it would certainly have points of interest and good food to eat -. there are a couple of old threads - for example one a year or so ago where a poster was going to Elba or Sardinia - there are also fine old towns like Massa Maritima to visit as well as great seafood all along that coast.

                I think Robert Brown recently posted that that the seafood was one of the most memorable aspects of a visit to Italy (with a couple of recommendatins, and this coast would be a way to experience it.

                If you get up as far as Pisa, Lucca, another great town is an easy stop also. Id say a couple hours is enough to see the main sights of Pisa

                Hopefully you will get some concrete recommendations on that coast, but I think doing the circle is a good idea.

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                Thanks a million, Jen! You are my Chowhound Hero!

          2. I don't know about the original poster, whose thread I resurrected, but we are actually staying at the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola in Monte Argentario in July. . . just the place mnosyne mentioned and we were happy to hear he liked it. And we really appreciate all the comments re restaurants and anything else in the area . . . keep em coming!! We are not impoverished, and love a good meal in a wonderful setting. . not really the fine dining experience this trip!!

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              I'll be "home" for the 1st 3 weeks of August in Cala Piccola...I'm sure you will enjoy less crowds and great weather there. The hotel pool is really nice and the food at the Hotel is actually decent...they do a cocktail hour outside on the lawn some evenings with good dinner too. The Hotel brings back fond memories for me...when I was 17 I drove my motorbike through the lobby...ah the indescretions of youth.

              The "beach" is best reached by car or by bus (don't walk it unless you are VERY fit and/or adventurous). There is no sand on the beach at all, it's mainly rocks. Bring/buy snorkel gear and have a great time! The best thing to do (if you can afford it) would be to get a boat for the day and go to Giglio and/or Giannutri for the day.

              Let me know if there's anything else you need to know about CP, PSS or even the Argentario.

              1. re: BAFU

                Oh my BAFU . . . 40 years there. . . lucky lucky you. Any and all thoughts on CP, PSS and Argento are something we'd welcome hearing about from "local" you!! If I were 17, I'd have been on the back of the bike with you. . . we are not young anymore. . . but we are reasonably fit and were hoping we'd be able to rent kayaks (with a guide probably) or paddle board. . . and go by sea between towns in CT or . . well, anywhere it might work. Any destinations where you think something like that might work/and where you can remember seeing equipment rentals like that? Is that do-able in Argento? Any place else up the coast ? I'll see if I can convince my friend (with the coin) to rent a boat. . . I'd love that! Also, I'd love an opinion, have you/anyone spent time at Lake Bracciano . . . what is "the scene" there. I may be alone for a few days and was going to spent it there. . . daytripping to some small towns by car, depending on how I like being "lakebound". As a woman possibly traveling alone for those days, I don't want someplace SO quiet/romantic or surrounded by italian non english speaking families that I feel weird. NOT that I want to be surrounded by American tourists, but I didn't think I'd see them there. I've traveled in Italy alone before, and had fun, but I was always in cities and I was younger. But its summer, I want to be somewhere resort-ish. Do you think I'd be better off staying somewhere in particular along the coast as opposed to that Lake for the alone days? Anyone with a thought/recommendation in this vein. . . I'd love to hear.

                1. re: sugarpiehoneybunch

                  SPHB: it would take more patience than I have to type out suggestions. I will tell you that the idea of renting a kayak is not a good idea...better to rent a boat with a proper motor and tour the archipelago that way.

                  Let me find a way to get you my email address and we can exchange info from there.