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lamb top round roast

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hey guys, does anyone know where I can get a lamb top round roast?
i have tried whole foods market, seems they don't have a clue.

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  1. Have you tried Dewar's? They've got lamb round steaks on their online site - they'd probably be able to cut you a lamb top round roast for you. Or maybe Butcher Boy Marketplace up in Andover or McKinnon's?

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      hey thanks linda, I'll try them :)

    2. I live that cut. I roast it or cut it into kebabs and grill.

      You can buy it at Savenor's or Golden Goose Mkt on Commercial St (waterfront) for a few $ less..$10/lb. They usually run about 2 lb.

      Doing kebabs this weekend.

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        I'd never heard of it, 9lives, and had to Google the cut. Good to know that there are a couple of places that have it - it sounds like a good cut!

      2. I believe that Johnnie's Foodmaster sometimes carries it cut into steaks, but its definitely not all the time. I think I have seen it more frequently in Arlington, but you could call one of the stores and ask for a butcher.

        To hijack this thread a little bit, if anyone is looking for lamb offal, Market Basket (at least in Chelsea) has a lot in stock right now. Kidneys, liver, heart, tongues, and more. Dust off those French cookbooks. :-) Plus a lot of nice shanks and fores, and some squared off bone in loin cuts (not cheap at all) which would be nice on the grill. I am hoping they continue to stock it through next week when I'll be able to pick up some and use it.

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          While waiting for the butcher at the meat case in a Billerica MB several months ago i noticed lamb liver and kidneys, though I didn't buy any. It may be that they carry lamb offal frequently, without us having realized it.

        2. I've seen lamb tops at Trader Joe's - various locations.

          1. i saw this cut featured on Gourmet's "Diary of a Foodie" and it was described as the largest muscle found in a leg of lamb. you could just get an entire leg, part out that roast then use the remainder for tips.

            1. The new Burlington Market Basket claims to be able to sell you any cut of meat, even if they do not have it out in the case. At least that is what they were saying over the PA system a few days after they opened. It's probably worth it to ask. Given that it is MB, if they can indeed deliver on that claim, you will probably get the roast at a price considerably lower than if you purchased it at a specialty butcher.