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Apr 16, 2009 12:16 PM

Have you been to Allard recently?

I will be in Paris during July and would like to eat at Allard because they have frogs legs (I hope they still have them?) My husband has never been a fan of Allard so I am hoping that it will still be a good food experience. I know the atmosphere is bustling but that is ok. Thanks.

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  1. Hi, Jeb. I haven't been to Allard in a couple of years because our last few experiences there were so awful. Yes, bustling is fine, but if you want to avoid tourists (almost impossible in July), try it for a lunch on the late side. Food is still okay, but even the fabulous duck with olives has faded a bit. Very sorry to report this, as I've loved this place for so very long. (Decades.)

    1. Here is an alternative, Le Voltaire, I stopped going there some time ago because my wife objected to the smoke from cigars etc. Not a problem now, and this fine restaurant is not on the tourist list. Much better than Allard.

      1. I ate at Allard's with my wife, daughter and son-in-law and their 16 month old baby this past Friday night. The servers were very gracious to our group and helped out with baby. Yes, there are many tourists but that is the case with most restaurants in Paris it seems to me. We had a very good meal; traditional bistro fare. Our main courses were sole meuniere, lamb navarin, and boeuf aux carottes. We had the cucumber salad, haricot vert salad with smoke duck, mache and beets and I had the escargots. We had a fabulous bottle of 2006 Gigondas. The frog legs were on the menu. I definitely recommend. My wife thought it was the best meal of our past two weeks in France, most of which was spent in the Vaucluse/Cote du Rhone.

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          I'm going to give it another try...especially since frogs legs are still on the menu! Thanks.

        2. Just ate here a few days ago and was really disappointed. Seemed like a tourist trap. Every single diner that I could hear was an American and all of the dishes were overpriced and not very good. Huge but unimpressive plates. House wine was nearly undrinkable (but we soldiered through it). Overall, a total waste of time.

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            OK. I'll skip it. Any idea where I can get frogs legs? (Although I am going to New York City this weekend and am eating at a French restaurant that serves them. This may satisfy my frogs legs urge...) Thanks.

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              They are reportedly very good (30E entree) at D'Chez Eux, in the 7th. New ownership since I was there last, but the menu looks the same, as do the prices. Far superior to Allard. And fewer tourists due to the location, tho easily accesssed by metro/bus..

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                With all this talk about ALLARD I think my husband and I will try the frogs legs there.
                When you were in New York where did you eat Frogs Legs?? We always go to Le Rivage @ W 46th St // Chez Napoeleon @ W 50h St // Le Petite Auberge on Lexington Ave @ 28th St.

            2. I eat at Allard on every trip. I think it is terrific. Yes, there are tourists but so what? Does your enjoyment of a meal really depend on who else is eating there? And there are plenty of natives there too. They've recently added some great bottles to the wine list, which took care of my one complaint. But go. The food is reliable and good.

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                Here's another vote for Allard. We ate there a year ago and had an excellent meal with an eminently drinkable wine. They do give you a lot, and it's hard not to overeat, but that's nto a major concern to me. And I don't mind tourists. When I'm in Paris, I'm a tourist, after all.