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Apr 16, 2009 12:11 PM

Any thoughts on La Locanda in Edgemont?

Anyone ever eaten at La Locanda in Edgemont? I'm looking for someplace to host a luncheon. We would have to eat ala carte, not in a private room since none is available on the day I need. I've never eaten there, but the location is good which is why I'm considering it. We will be a party of adults and children. Is the food decent?? Thanks!

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  1. You said ever so I'll respond. I ate there probably 4 years ago and I actually remember it because I thought the food (at least at that time) was very good. The only reason I haven't been back is I don't get down that way any more. If I remember correctly it was run by a 1st gereation Italian family.

    1. I have not eaten there in years but the food was quite good ,

      1. Me too, last time I was there was probably 6 years ago but I remember it being good. Teikoku is also near there, the food may not appeal to everyone in your group (it's sushi and japanese style) but last time I was there (maybe 4 years ago) it was excellent.

        1. Thanks for your replies! Hopefully the food is as good as it was years ago!

          1. It's still very good. Family friendly and always consistent