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Apr 16, 2009 11:40 AM


Yeah, I've read the other posts re: steak houses but I am going to Morton's in Annapolis and wondering whats exceptional. I'm thinking about the bone-in (Prime) Rib, only offered on Fridays and Saturdays. Anything else worth looking at? The on-line menu appears to be geared toward business accounts and special occasions, I can't imagine in this economy joints like that are going to survive much longer....

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  1. For apps, I suggest the smoked salmon or crab cakes. While not a prime rib fan, that should be a good choice. I steer to the steaks. Asparagus and baked potato would be good sides with it. And, I would highly recommend ordering a souffle (order early). Take your wallet, but it is well worth it.

    1. Mortons Sauteed spinach and musrooms is one of my favorite sides.

      1. I'm a big fan of the prime rib on the weekends. I usually call ahead to reserve a center piece which is what I like. Choc. souffle for to end the night is delightful.

        1. I think this may describe the typical Morton's experience:

          If you still want to go, check out the on-line deal:

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            Ahhh, the Sacramento Bee, my hometown birdcage liner. Scabee is right.

            Suffice it to say that anything published in the Bee is suspect unless it's taken verbatim from a wire service or a paper that employs - whaddayacallem? oh yeah - journalists. When I cancelled my subscription, I indicated that the reason for doing so was that the newspaper was seriously short on actual news. An editor wrote me back and indicated that I could get news elsewhere, so they were focused on local color and stories that are of interest to, well, I'm not sure who. (One recent front-page story: people in nearby Woodland are willing to forgive AL MVP Dustin Pedroia for calling his hometown a dump.)

            Anyhow, back to the review. The reviewer was shocked - SHOCKED!!! - that Morton's charges $30-50 for simply-prepared entrees. And that the steaks are oversized. And that sides and beverages cost extra, and the prices are higher than in the grocery store.

            What, has he never been in a steakhouse before?

            That's not to say I'm a fan of Mortons. If I'm choosing an upscale restaurant, it's not going to be a chain, and it's not going to be a steakhouse. Morton's is what it is: an upscale chain steakhouse. Anybody who is surprised that it's not something else is seriously misinformed. Anybody who writes about that surprise in the local paper is an idiot.

            FWIW, the specials are actually pretty good deals. For an upscale chain steakhouse.

          2. IMO, I think the PR is one of their weakest options, try the ribeye.