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Apr 16, 2009 10:46 AM

Miniature squash-container gardening

So I got a catalog from white flower farm with yellow squash growing in containers---so pretty even if just for the blossoms. I got the exact variety from Johnny's select seeds----multipik. Has anyone ever grown these in containers before? How big do they really get? What kind of yields? Any advice for optimal growth?

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  1. Last year I planted several zucchini seeds in a large container. Although the plants didn't produce as much as the field grown plants, they did ok. I make sure container grown plants get plenty of liquid fertilizer (weekly). Last year during a rainy period, my cucumber plants turned yellow. I think the nutrients just washed out of the container soil. You might also find that container plants will need daily watering.

    1. I was wondering how your Multipik is doing? So far, I'm very happy with this variety!
      I ordered a plant from WFF and they sent me a beautiful, healthy specimen that is doing really well in its container. I've counted over 8 little squash sprouting, and the plant, so far, is really nice and quite compact.
      I saw that one of my local nurseries was selling Multipik plants as well, and I may buy another.
      Seems like it may be more resistant to mildew, too, since it is remaining the picture of health through the rainy days and cool nights we've had this May.

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        They've only been outside for a couple of weeks since they are from seed and not WFF but there was an incident---a starling has eaten like half of the seedlings I put out including the squash and the mini zucchinis, unfortunately I need to start again.

        1. re: Sally599

          Oh no! You poor thing!

          I despise starlings! I curse the Shakespeare-loving maniac who released them into this country every time they damage my garden!
          If you are not familiar with the story of how they came to inhabit the US:

          I do like the Multipiks, though--nice little plant! I hope you have luck with your next batch!

      2. Territorial Seed has a variety called "Bush Baby Hybrid" for containers - This is my first year using them, and so far so good - They have sprouted and grow well, although the chimmunks for some reason like to chew off the leaves....I can't wait for them to fruit!